About Megan:

After eight years as a Marketing Executive in the world of professional sports, Megan decided to shift gears and begin her journey into the study of Evolutionary Astrology as an apprentice in the Steven Forrest Astrology Program. At the same time, she launched Soulscape Journey, a company uniquely focused on the area she's most passionate about -- the wellness of mind, body and soul. Once an Elite Athlete & Olympic hopeful who ultimately overcame a debilitating spinal fusion, Megan deeply understands how it feels to function at polarized ends of the spectrum; from the fiery passion at the pinnacle of success to the pain of having it all taken away and the transformative process that occurs in between. It is in using Astrological insight to guide others through their own transformative processes that Megan has found her greatest passion of all. Having studied martial arts and ancient wisdom traditions for over 14 years, Megan utilizes a variety of techniques in her work including mindfulness training, eastern medicine, conventional psychotherapy, and metaphysical principals in order to maximize client experience. A certified Evolutionary Astrologer, Megan helps clients optimize current planetary energies while positioning them to gain a profound level of self understanding using the wisdom of the stars. Megan is a graduate of Rice University in Houston Texas (B.A. Psychology & Sports Management)  

In her own words: