A co-creation driven by our shared intention to experience LIBERATION

NEXT DOJO OPENS october 10TH, 2019

location: TBD



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“AS we move past our edges of PLEASURE and PAIN, we find only that LIBERATION remains” - Z

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An immersive and “structureless” transformational experience serving to liberate our spirits through the ceremony of presence.

As we get

Present to what is being called through us in the moment

Present to that which has been holding us back

Present to the radical truth of our spirits

Present to the bliss and pleasure that is available when we face off with our shadows

Present to the magic that happens in the spaciousness of co-creation and community

There is intentionally no pre-meditation for this experience. This provides the space for deeper levels of trust and authenticity to come through as we allow ourselves to be MOVED by the truth of the moment

actING ONLY FROM that which is MOST ALIVE ON the day of the experience.

All tools are on the table to facilitate the breakthroughs, whether that be hot seat coaching, sound healing, astrological activation, hands on healing, dance, song, prayer, inner child work, play, meditation, improvisation etc ...

including the invitation to share YOUR OWN GIFTS AND MEDICINE if that’s what’s being called forward in the space.

WE are creating this experience of soul level LIBERATION, together.

You should definitely join us if...

Your ego is currently making up excuses as to why you shouldn’t or can’t join

You’re ready to liberate yourself from the chains of the past

You feel you’re on the edge of the next level of your game and are ready to fully claim it

Requirements for entry:

Courage - in the face of fear

Willingness - to be radically vulnerable and transparent

Playfulness - as we release inhibitions and stretch beyond our edges

Readiness - to go ALL IN physically emotionally and energetically in support of yourself and all those in the space

Confidentiality - a vow to keep all that occurs within the container 100% confidential

And of course remember to bring that HUGE HEART of yours!

If you’re a HELL YES!


Email for more info

peek into the transformation that OCCURS in the Liberation Dojo…

Hear what it was like from those who were there…

Last night was so beyond anything I could imagine. My mind is blown. Z, you have that extremely precious gift of being so in tune that you pick up the desires that are awaiting in the field of infinite possibilities and you call them forth with your powerfully grounded voice and presence, thus inviting them to be birthed into form. I woke up this morning with the feeling of desiring to live, of being in love. And, this is rare for me. Yet, I know that what I was feeling this morning is TRUTH. It is my essence, blooming from the pleasure of meeting itself in the dojo. Thank you for being the Cosmic Catalyst that you are. My life is transforming into its butterfly state thanks to you. I love you.
— Rafaelle Cohen
Z asked us to find our edges with fear. The space she and her love have created is so powerful. During ceremony I had the privilege of watching truly powerful women work. No questions needed - no hesitation. They knew exactly what to do and communication was done through heart space. It was like watching bees work in a hive; everyone knows what their job is, has just enough space to do it and everyone supports one another. There was a woman who asked to be seen. In seconds, these incredible women dropped to their knees, placed hands lovingly on her body. As light, affirmation, reiki and love was sent to her the energy was reflected back to all of us through sound medicine from another incredible angel. The room had a glow, like life was being brought into the world. I felt like I was witnessing a birth. A miracle. I was liberated that night. I always feel being around these women up level my consciousness but it felt like we rose together instead of my little girl being left behind. We all were seen, all heard. A veil was lifted again for me, changing my perception of what this life can look like. Thank you O+Z for opening up your space - I can’t wait for the next one!
— Julia Kristoff
I’ve always had this fear of being seen, received and held by community and tribe. Last night I was given an opportunity to dive head first into the unknown. Called forward into liberation and witnessed by powerful queens to intentionally move past my edges. Calling forward all that I AM. Sweating bullets I came into the enter of a circle of 23 people, all eyes on me and was asked to share the gift of my voice. I sang and then stopped, was asked to share from a deeper place of being with all the things that terrified me...being seen, being received and being held. Sharing myself in love as I was being witnessed this way. Before I knew it everyone was singing with me and I felt for the first time that I actually belonged. My heart literally cracked open in a way I’ve never felt as reflections of truth and love were showering me. Thank you beautiful muses for all of your magic, codes love and friendship. For being such beautiful reflections of the power I hold and the many ways I get to play. My experience was only one of the many powerful breakthroughs that happened. My eyes are now open to the possibilities that exist when we believe, surrender, and trust. Liberation Dojo, thank you.
— Raquel Barrantes
This evening I witnessed first hand how a courageous soul said something as simple as “before we do anything else, I have a request to be held.” Immediately without planning or strategizing a group of women surrounded her, got into position to hold her and started channeling the most powerful healing through energy work, sound transmissions, light language, loving affirmations and so much more magic. In the silence between I felt everyones divinity so beautifully connected and activated in the most potent ways - everyone fully sharing their soul, in service to the present moment desire wanting to be delivered... that somehow in a simple request activated everyone to show up and share their unique healing gifts. Suddenly the women who shared about wanting to free her voice, started singing. A few others chimed in with spectacular light language encouded with potent energetic alignments and guidance. We all shared loving healing touch with our subject and with one another. You could feel the vibration so palpable in the room, the windows fogging up with our fire generating straight from the heart.
— Sydney Campos
As I try to put my experience last night at the liberation dojo into worlds, I realize words just don’t give it justice. I felt a strong calling to journey down from San Francisco to experience the dojo, and I was terrified, but all in. My expectation vs what was actually experienced was nothing short of magic. Megan knew exactly when to call me forward, and the space and the group made me feel so safe sharing my vulnerabilities. It was a perfect alchemy of humans coming together to support, play and connect with one another. During the evening I shared one of my edges with the group, and immediately was surrounded by powerful support as I surrendered and released...eventually the whole group came together and the sense of community and love under the full moon brought me to tears. One of the most beautiful experiences of my life.
— Crystal Larkins
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