Moon Wisdom

New Moon in Scorpio: Dancing with our Shadows

On October 30th, 2016 we collectively move into the hypnotic energy of the New Moon in Scorpio.

As we evoke the energy of Scorpio we dare to enter the realm of mystery, of shadow, of monsters under the bed [or more precisely hidden within our psyche.] We face that which lurks beneath the surface and enter the realm of the energies that move there. These energies normally exist below the level of conscious detection, but during this time we have VIP access to that secret world within.

As we dance with Scorpio we enter the realm of the taboo – of sex, death and the occult. We witness the instinctual nature of our behavior – the leaning toward that which brings us pleasure and recoiling from that which brings us pain. We miss nothing. We probe deeply into ourselves and even more deeply into other people – sensing underlying motives, maneuvers, and tactics that we might miss during other times. We feel everything. We see everything. We repress nothing. No elephants in the living room allowed here.

Scorpio invites us to explore the realm of the deep emotional energies that are exchanged in the container created between soul mates.  Note that soul mates come in many different shapes and sizes - this is not limited only to lovers – best friends can be soul mates too, but there is certainly a highlight on the arena of deeply bonded committed relationship and the sacred sexual energy exchanged there.

This is not a time for light connection. This is a time for intense entanglement and the willingness to process and explore what comes up within our consciousness as we bravely stare into the clear mirrors that our partners hold for us.

This is a time for stark honesty. A time for exchanges that are not about words – but about energetics. Are you willing to get into the cauldron with your soulmate and close the lid? The place where we say to one another “I am willing to experience the direct encounter with your energy body – I am willing to experience the lash of your unresolved wounds and I vow that I will help you through anything – in fact I will feel through this darkness with you until the light touches our faces again.” There are so many places within our deep consciousness that we can never know without the cathartic impact of soulmates upon us and this is prime time to undertake that relational deep dive. Feel the chills, feel the depth, feel the intensity. Above all else during this time allow yourself to feel.

The scorpionic urge is to penetrate – to penetrate beneath the façade, to penetrate through the walls and barriers that fear tries to impose - this energy urges us to look so deeply into ourselves and one another that there is no corner left hidden in the shadows.

We find the courage to peek into the dark and honor what is found there – we seek to know ourselves, the good the bad and the ugly – all of it, nothing left unseen. In this process we rip away layers of confusion, delusion, idealism, and falsity in order to reveal the deepest essence of our being. This is a time for deep soul healing.

As we navigate these charged emotional waters it is important to remember that YOU are not your emotions, you HAVE emotions. You are the container. You are the witness. Be careful of the tendency to over identify with heightened emotional states or interpersonal dramas that may emerge. Instead, remember that feelings are temporary and they are present to be honored as a very precise guidance system that you’re being given the opportunity to utilize and hone.

Follow your emotional signals as if they are heat-seeking missiles intended to lead you directly into clarity, right action, natural partnership, healing and freedom. This is no light work, so hold your breath, dive deep and know that when you re-emerge you will be strengthened beyond measure with access to the type of ancient wisdom that only lives within those who dare to brave the dark. 

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology 

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