Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Embrace Your Wild Everything


On July 27th, 2018 we collectively jolt to attention beneath the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. 

Aquarius ruled by planet Uranus, the lord of lightning bolts and earthquakes. This energy is electric. Sometimes shocking. Stay close to the earth in case you need to ground, as we are collectively asked to expect the unexpected and remain at the ready for events that will catalyze full system upgrades. 

In a flash, previously unseen new potentialities reveal themselves. 

This energy comes on the heels of the recent New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer which opposed Pluto, lord of death. Gratefully the Cancerian great mother offered the healing tools of compassion, acceptance and unconditional love to hold close before entering the Plutonian underworld - the space within where our inner dragons (wounds) reside.

And we have been facing off, compassion in hand, with those shadowy places. 

Triggers galore. Clearing. Releasing of density that had kept us unconscious. 

Emerging now, after this emotional catharsis, with deeper resolve, self awareness and confidence then ever before. 

Still breathing. 



Tender still... yet having stripped much of our unconscious fear away we are at the ready for the next phase of our journey.

A phase being stewarded by July 27th’s Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. 

The portal into the future now. 

The portal into the reality we envision for ourselves and humanity. This Aquarian energy encourages us to see with the vision of a futurist, a genius, a rebel. 

With Warrior God Mars in close conjunction, this requires courage, fierceness. The willingness to face perceived structural, relational and social opposition without flinching. 

To witness seemingly "set" convention and social norms and still be willing to do what it takes to build a new way forward, to create change and movement a la Joan of Arc or Nelson Mandela. 

In order to create a future that transcends the current “norms” in our experience, we must become comfortable with letting go of certainty in favor of innovation. 

Letting go of control in favor of liberated creation. 

Letting go of the known in favor of the unknown, the space where true possibility and potentiality exist. 

So, dare to embrace your vision. AND the uncertainty that surrounds it. 

Embrace the is-ness of your experience. If an earthquake is a rockin, trust that it is only serving to shake up that which has been “shake up able,” fallible, loose in the first place (and would have inevitably caused a landslide later) Trust that when the dust settles, the foundation will be sturdier because all that was meant to fall away has been released. 

The Leo sun compels us into expression but it's not just THAT we express, its that we express authentically, free of filters. Free of the need for approval and the modifiers that “need” births. 

Authenticity checkpoint. 

The irony is that the more we risk being our true selves and face the fear of ridicule, the more we will be truly received and celebrated. A reflection of the fact that we are actually receiving and celebrating ourselves. 

Conversely, when we unconsciously moderate ourselves in the hope for approval, even if we receive the approval and "tribe safety" we will still sense something missing or "off" ... for it's only when we express freely and fully AND THEN are seen affirmed and loved that the trust is built and the heart can receive what its actually been looking for. 

So ask yourself. 

Are you truly FREELY expressed? 

Are you sharing beyond the confines of social expectation and that which you know, with certainty, will be received well by the other? 

Any space where we are over attached to “certainty” will be highlighted here. The attachment and the “need to know” actually serve to repel our desires. So, the opportunity here to clear the fear of the unknown, is powerful medicine which will ultimately support our ability to receive what we truly desire without attachment in the long term.

These energetics are about building a better tomorrow, and releasing anything in the way of doing that. So, we ask, how can we build a better tomorrow if we are BEING the old "safety attached, certainty holding, approval seeking" self? 

We can't.

Time for evolution. Innovation. Growth. Release. Upgrades. Change.

This lunar cycle invites us into our future selves. The self that is bold like the Leo king. Visionary like the aquarian moon and willing to RISK true creative expression from the boundless nature of our most authentic beingness: this is the type of energy under which geniuses are born. New leaders emerge. Way showers shine. 

So here we are at another breakthrough point, standing between worlds. Between the old paradigm and the new tomorrow. Eyes on the new earth waiting to be cultivated by those bold enough to follow their hearts knowing beyond the lines drawn by conventional, “normal”, standard, safe and surely "acceptable" ways of being. 

Change is not built upon sameness and safety. It's built upon radical willingness to be different. To push boundaries. To rock the illusion that any reality is fixed. 

So, embrace your wild, weird, visionary, rule breaking, self and root into the truth that the ownership and willingness to be different, is the foundation upon which we will build the future.


Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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