New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer


On July 12th, 2018 we experience a collective immersion into the watery depths of the subconscious with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. 

This super charged coming together of the Sun and the Moon sees Pluto, the lord of the underworld, standing in strong opposition. 

Where the Sun/Moon in Cancer would normally lend themselves toward gentleness, compassion, self love, and tenderness, here we see Pluto intensifying this already emotionally sensitive territory. 

Cancer serves as the invitation of the healer to dive within. As we stand at the unlocking gates of our greatest wound, the Cancer energy of the great mother first swoops in and says…

“Before you enter, check in. Let me offer you the tools of the divine healer. The unique medicine your soul has been calling for. So that you do not go into the dark, in the dark.” 

So, here we receive. 

We allow ourselves to feel fully. And we receive the Cancerian gift of unconditional love, unconditional understanding, and unconditional acceptance. 

With these tools in our belt, we step over that wounded edge into the Plutonian territory.  

The territory of the wound. 

The shadow. 

The judgements and fears. 

The “monsters” of our past we’d rather not look at. 

The elephants in the living room of our psyche. 

Here we stand, volume all the way turned up on our ability to feel. To sense where the edge of our expansion lives. 

To confront, embrace and see with clear eyes the self that has been born of past wounding.

The self that mis-trusts. 


Mis-believes it has to protect. 

The self that holds us into outdated, protective, controlling ways of being and is now ready to be witnessed into its own death.

A process of letting go through awareness. 

Opening the gateway for resurrection. 

Pluto, the great purifier.  Serving to clear the distortions that hold us back from creating the lives and relationships we truly desire. 

Pluto, compelling us to look into the deepest corners of our inner world and see the things we may not want to see. 

To dance with the dragons of our past and discover the romance in the myth. 

To understand more deeply how and why we have limited ourselves. Where are we operating within filters born of trauma or conditioning. 

This solar eclipse represents a gateway, a transformational portal. Into a resurrection. A rebirth.

Lighting the way towards a greater tomorrow. 

A tomorrow filled with trust.

And lead by the language of our Lunar heart. 

The heart that knows vulnerability, truth and love are the only protection we will ever need. 

A tomorrow laced with the frequency of freedom. 

Here we are given the opportunity to deepen intimacy within ourselves and in turn our most important relationships. Allowing the whole of ourselves to come forward, to be embraced. 

And, in order to truly embrace ourselves, we must truly see ourselves - with clear lenses. This solar eclipse represents the lens clearing process, the lasic eye surgery that enables us to see ourselves with more accuracy and clarity then ever before. 

To see the world we are creating with true vision. 

So, open your eyes. Feel with your heart. What do you see? 

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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