New Moon in Pisces: Remembering Ourselves as Whole


On March 17th, 2018 we collectively experience the unifying energy of the New Moon in Pisces.

This moon approaches on the heels of the Full Moon in Virgo, which reminded us that, while spending time in a transcendent space is important, we must remember to come back down to earth and ground our “spiritual vision” into physical form.

We must do the work necessary to bring the will of God into form.

Virgo highlighted the practical, tangible, steps necessary in order to see our vision made manifest.

The task of “making spiritual insight visible” is no small feat; and with that we are likely to meet a few bumps in the road. We are likely to notice spaces in which the vastness of our vision seems a size too big to fit inside our already manifest reality.

In these moments, the Virgo shadow could present itself in the form of self-doubt. The trap is that we allow a mere “bump in the road” to divert our original intention, a function of underestimation of self. An underestimation of our true capacity as infinite creators.

The remedy is awareness.

The awareness that if we are able to envision something, we are equally capable of creating it.

The awareness that the nature of our existence itself is proof that we can bring the miracle of spirit into form. We ARE already the living miracle. We ARE spirit in form.

The awareness that self doubt is a temporary state and it need not define our course of action (or lack thereof).

How divinely timed the energy of the New Moon in Pisces is. Enter the pure energy of spirit. Of Divinity. Soaring in on the 17th to offer a sense of greater expansion, a sense of relief from any perceived “limitation” of form we may have experienced.

To remind us of our divine nature and that we are not, and have never been separate from our vision.

Any perception of separation comes from a frequency variance. As Einstein famously stated, “match the frequency of the reality you want to create and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

“Remember yourself as infinite, boundless, formless. A vibrational match to anything you desire,” says Pisces. And your spiritual vision will come to manifest.

The Piscean New Moon reminds us of our capacity to stand in ourselves as God. To know ourselves as creator…

From contraction and limitation comes release and expansion. Pisces the unifier, the activator of our psychic receivers, the arrow pointing toward our freedom. The only precursor. Surrender.  

Surrender being the name of the game here, we may find ourselves in circumstances that require it.

Circumstances that are present only to serve as necessary surrender teachers. These teachers could come in the form of relationship pushing your edges, work or financial pressure, uncertainty in living situations, physical health, an insane traffic jam etc…no matter the form, it is all calling us forward into a deepening of our capacity to surrender.

A deepening of our comfort with uncertainty. A deepening in our ability to trust in the divine unfolding of it all.

From this space of surrender, we receive.

From this space of surrender, we create space for synchronicity and spirit to flow.

From this space of surrender, we see the will of God made manifest in our reality.

From this space, we remember ourselves as connected, whole, one with all there is. One with all of our desires with nothing to do but BE infinite.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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