New Moon in Aquarius: A Royal Road To Freedom


On February 15th we collectively experience the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.

This lunar phenomenon follows the recent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, which activated our ability to express fully and let our light shine bright for the entire world to see.

We were called to back up our big dreams with action…

To celebrate the light of our own hearts without inhibition...

To play, to share, to be witnessed…

To deepen into uncharted layers of intimacy that can only be cultivated inside the willingness to allow oneself to be transparently seen.

After this pulse of creative energy, which served as a momentum generator in pushing our 2018 goals forward into the realm of manifestation, we are presented with the Aquarian New Moon, a radical authenticity checkpoint.

Here we check the authenticity of our voice.

We check the authenticity of our relationships.

We check the authenticity of the thoughts we think, the beliefs we hold and the actions we choose to take.

We notice where our behaviors and choices may be affected by cultural, familial and social conditioning, and with attention we receive the opportunity to break through these layers and emerge freer then ever before.

Dare to remember yourself as sovereign.

Dare to be different.

Dare to BE the lightning bolt that awakens those around you to the highest potential they have yet to see.

And, above all else, honor yourself and your own truth.

Aquarian energy calls us forward into the expression of our truest selves. Which, at times, means we must embody the archetype of the rebel. Rebelling against structures and relationships that barricade us into outdated patterns or ways of being. Begging the questions:

“How TRUE TO YOU has your expression really been?”

“Have you modified the way you show up in the world in service of the desire to be accepted?”

“Have you been willing to step outside the lines, push through edges, and own your truth even when it runs counter to the beliefs of those around you?”

With Mercury in a close conjunction, there are messages hidden here within our sacred conversations. See all those around you as harbingers of divine messages that could powerfully inform your journey forward.

Keep eyes out for synchronicities and breadcrumbs being left by the Universe pointing toward next steps unseen. Messages come in so many forms and here we have an opportunity to open our perception enough to notice these unexpected revelations.

Unexpected revelations that could shake up the framework of your reality to such a degree that you are presented with a doorway into an entirely new paradigm and way of being.

A road never noticed before, fraught with unseen potential.

A road that will require the radical truth of a fully embodied sovereign being who is willing to radically reinvent and fully honor oneself while being THE ONE ferociously dancing to their own beat until inevitably all the others catch on to your rhythm.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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