Full Moon in Taurus: Grounding in a Relational Shockwave


On October 24th we collectively lean into the gratefully grounding energy of the Full Moon in Taurus. 

A welcome invitation to reconnect to that which brings us peace. 

Moving from the complicated to the simple. 

From the stories of the past to the divinity in the now. 

Anchoring ourselves through the wisdom of the body. 

And the steadiness of the breath. 

Through the mirror of relationship we see ourselves more clearly and arrive to an upgraded way of being through honest reflection.

And we find peace in the pain.

Stability in the shock.

And remember ourselves as truly sovereign creators of everything in our experience.

With that, we breathe deep, and allow our spiritual paths to unfold with easeful progress.

And in consciously re-engaging with the slow and organic pace of the natural world we remember it is safe to be here. 

Safe to be in form.

Safe to be embodied.

Letting go of the rush. We release the urgency that forces us ahead of where we actually are.

Instead, we allow our own natural pace and find our way back into a state of trust.

Trust, that life, even when it is hard, will find a way of coming back into balance. Especially so when we consciously engage the Taurean high ground, as is the invitation here.

Stoicism, patience, presence and flow are friendly allies.

While this lunar signature is an invitation toward calm, the moon is making some challenging aspects that we must navigate in order to come out into the wild open spaciousness that we are aiming for. 

The Full Moon joins “out of left field” shocker Uranus, while also opposing Taurus’ ruling planet, Venus (who is in her intense scorpionic retrograde cycle.)

We can expect to see an upswell of unresolved, and perhaps unexpected, relational material coming to the surface.  

Try not to resist changes that may surface during this time. Instead get curious. What is being shown to me here?

Life presenting us with the exact relational triggers to show where we may still be allowing  ourselves to move into a disempowered state.

Giving our power away in favor of “keeping the peace…”

In favor of making others happy…

Out of fear of being alone...

Or, even further, of TRULY being together...

In union.

One with each other, and with all of it.

Which means complete transparency. A state that is not always easy and can certainly evoke fear as we make that which was “safely unknown” suddenly known. 

The hidden, revealed. Clear as day.

Venus represents the way we relate. To ourselves, to each other and to all of life. 

She serves up an invitation to look at life as a mirror, and when in retrograde we are being faced with the distorted reflections we may have conveniently skipped over on her first pass. 

Distortion? Me? No… 

What is your life reflecting to you during this time? The bright light of this full moon serves as a highlighter. 

Not to stimulate shame (please don’t be hard on yourself) but rather to create awareness. For us to become conscious of our relational shadows. 

So we ask, where could you create more balance and harmony in your relationships without falling into patterns of codependency? 

Are there areas where you are being sucked into or drained by other peoples experiences? 

Taking over responsibility? Or under? 

This is about taking a sobering glance in service of coming into balance.

From a place of truth and sovereignty. 

With the tools of steady clear eyed Taurus to light the lunar way. 

Harmony as the aim. 

Everything to gain. 

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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