Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo: All In With Aligned Action


On January 31st, 2018 we collectively experience a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Also a blood moon (which refers to the reddish looking shadow that the earth casts upon the moon during a total eclipse) and a “blue moon” (which references the fact that this is the second Full Moon in the month of January) this lunar cycle is particularly power packed.

This rare lunar phenomenon comes on the heels of the January 16th New Moon in Capricorn that tasked us with strategizing and anchoring our vision for 2018. We were invited to clarify our personal commitments and agreements for this year.

What are we aiming to accomplish? And, how do we intend to show up for ourselves most fully in support of living into that high vision?

Whether your focus is on mission, family, or calling in more play and flow, the aim during the Capricorn time was to commit to your process and do the work required to consistently and powerfully choose that which is in alignment with your highest creative intention.

Now that the Capricorn strategy session has passed, it is time to apply action, own your light and allow yourself to be seen – vulnerable, raw and real - in pursuit of the creation of that high vision. With Leo we aim to create momentum and forward motion around the goals that came forward in the first couple weeks of the year.

We own our power as true co-creative forces in-cahoots with the infinite potential that is the matrix of this reality.

This powerful Leonine Lunar Eclipse is conjunct Venus (the Goddess of love) and the South Node, injecting opportunity for Karmic surfacing and clearing during this time. 

Leo invites us to shine bright, create, express and allow ourselves to be fully seen. There’s no time here for hiding or lack of ownership of your intentions for the year. This Full Moon asks us to powerfully step up to the plate and yell from the rooftops…

“I am here and I will not hide!”

“This is what I am choosing to create this year! AND here is how you can support me in this process.” 

“These are my gifts and this is what it looks like when I open heartedly share them.”

“I am worthy, I am valuable, I am a force of nature in this world. Let me light up your life (and here’s how I intend to do it)”

“I claim more play, ecstasy, pleasure, joy, flow, laughter, happiness and fun!” (because I CAN… and it’s important to remember how incredible and precious this life really is)

“I inspire with my divine light and I’m willing to love with my whole heart and risk being fully seen.”

While some of this sounds fairly light, there is an element of intensity and amplification that comes with eclipse energy, and that intensity is compounded by the south node being in the mix.

Keep your eyes open for Karmic patterns emerging during this time of an Aquarian/Leo flavor. These patterns are presenting themselves for clearing – that is, if you are able to remain aware and recognize them. If not, they go on repeating...

Be cognizant of unresolved fears surfacing having to do with the themes of TRULY being seen, vulnerability, imbalanced relationship dynamics (remember, Venus in the mix too) issues around authenticity, self betrayal in service of “fitting in” and any resistances around the willingness to take fire born action without hesitation.

Here we speak to REALLY getting in the game, both feet in, with no safety net.

So, where have you been playing it safe?

Where have you been allowing your friends, family and romantic partners to THINK they’re seeing you, while still withholding your deeper truths?

What have you been dreaming of, but have yet to claim openly, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT!”

Vulnerable isn’t it?

Leo is about vulnerability. About sharing, and risking expressing fully who you are and what you’ve come here to do. It’s vulnerable to claim something while being unsure if it will happen or not. Well, it’s time to go there.

Dare to vision.

Dare to own your desires.

Dare to act on the creation of them.

Dare to BE your purpose.

Dare to sing, paint, create, channel, tell a joke, share a story, book that plane ticket, take that trip…say I love you.  

Dare to go all in, like the Leo King, and roar your truest roar for ALL to witness as you CREATE a momentum so powerful that your 2018 vision makes manifest with a speed so swift you'll soon forget it was once but a dream. 

We can exist as a piece of creation, or as the source of creation. This is the choice we need to exercise.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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