New Moon in Cancer: Seeing Through the Eyes of Compassion

On June 23rd we are collectively invited into the warm and healing waters of the New Moon in Cancer, a time for deep and regenerative soul treatment.

This New Moon follows the high-energy expansion we experienced during the recent Full Moon in Sagittarius (which in perfect divine form, hit exactitude on the same day Jupiter, its ruling planet, went direct in Libra adding extra power to the mix).

In short, we have been undergoing a period of massive expansion and reinvention fraught with a certain amount of growing pains.

Jupiter begs the questions, “How have you been underestimating yourself?” and,

“Where have you been settling for too little?”

With Jupiter in Libra we focus these questions particularly in the arenas of relationship, intimacy, fairness and how we aim to cultivate peace and balance in our lives.

So, how have you been settling for too little in relationship?

Are you experiencing balanced energetic exchanges or have things been showing up one sided?

Have you noticed victim / tyrant behaviors in yourself or others?

Are you sacrificing too much of yourself in the name of peace?

Are you tolerating or thriving?

Are you experiencing treatment that aligns with what you know you deserve?
Are there imbalances in the way you communicate, give and receive love, navigate conflict or show up inside your sphere of relationships (including business, friendship, familial and romantic)

Have you subtly shifted away from your authentic self in order to “preserve the status quo” in any of your intimate affairs?

Look honestly for patterns that reflect any underestimation of self, lack of self worth or lack of confidence, and also be aware of opposite issues including inflated ego, hyper confidence or insensitivity that may be serving as defense mechanisms.

When we answer these questions honestly, we often find areas in our lives in which we are holding onto things, relationships, justifications or thought patterns that are reflections of outdated ways of seeing ourselves (the underestimated versions) rather than reflections of who we are actually growing into. So, while Jupiter (now direct) is absolutely about expansion, growth and the gifts of the Universe raining down upon us, there is just as often an element of necessary release or loss as a prerequisite.

When we cultivate enough confidence in ourselves to let go of that which does not align, IT IS THEN that the Universe responds with its full force of “luck” and “magic,” in true Jupiter fashion, to fill that confidently created space with the gifts we have been envisioning all along. Incentive to do the work? I think yes.

Moving through this process of reinvention, expedited growth, relationship shifting and re-imagining our stories has had an extraverted, high energy quality to it. Not to mention a courageous one! And often, once we have sustained such a high output of energy for an extended period of time, completely dedicated to consciously co-creating our life stories, we naturally begin to feel depleted and experience a need to turn inward. A need to regenerate. To integrate the changes. To come home. To calm down. To heal.

Enter the nurturing energy of the New Moon in Cancer. The energy of the Great Mother lovingly inviting us to come home, cuddle up, eat something nourishing and allow ourselves some much needed time to integrate the recent growth spurts.

While the recent releases, reinventions and expansions have been beneficial overall, there may still be a period of mourning the old story or feelings of “loss.”

Needless to say, great change and reorientation at this level can be quite nerve wracking and disorienting, so it becomes important to consciously and intentionally use this Cancer New Moon energy in order to deepen the way we love ourselves within each moment, no matter how turbulent the moment may seem.  

This New Moon is conjunct Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, bringing in an awareness of the healing power of words. What is your relationship with language? Have you been using words to hurt or to love (yourself and others)? Being mindful of this set of "verbal issues" will be highly beneficial during this time. Let us also keep in mind that Cancer is the energy of the healer, so that which we attend to during this New Moon has the potential to receive a powerful dose of restorative, healing energy that rides on the power of our words and intentions. 

This would also be a wonderful time to dialogue with trusted soul family about what has been unfolding for you. Receive their reflections and engage in a deep exploration of the patterns of your mind and identify where the healing medicine of Cancer can be infused into your mental process. Notice the way you speak to yourself, the dialogue that goes on in your head. What are your default thought patterns and are they self-defeating or self serving?

Here we have the opportunity to identify the places inside that may be hurting and apply deeply therapeutic resolution within. Imagine a flood of purifying and healing water running down into the crown of your head and washing through every corner of your body. Visualize this healing flow washing out any darkness, heaviness, sense of loss, unresolved pain or trauma that may still reside within your consciousness. This is the way of the Cancerian purification process.

We tend to experience heightened emotional sensitivity during Cancer times, but remember, this sensitivity is the Universe gifting you with the ability to SENSE where inside your system you are still holding onto unresolved material that may be ready to heal and release. Without the gift of SENSE-itivity we would not be able to SENSE the subtle energies moving within and from that place hold ourselves, nurture ourselves, and love ourselves unconditionally in the way the archetypical great mother would. Here we aim to treat ourselves with nothing but loving kindness, care, tenderness, understanding and endless patience.

In using this energy well, we will emerge with deeper levels of acceptance around our recent "growth spurts" and all the changes that have been occurring. We will harness a greater capacity to love on all levels, to see through the eyes of compassion and to self heal. Here we recognize that the ability to own the energy of the Great Mother within is empowering beyond measure and gifts us with deeper levels of courage to move through our next stages of evolution with the deep knowing that we are, always have been, and always will be our own greatest healer.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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