Super Full Moon in Cancer: A Heart Centered Beginning


On January 1st, 2018 we anchor our new years intentions with the Super Full Moon in Cancer.

The last months cycle brought with it opportunity to redefine our story.  

We emerged from the Scorpionic death and rebirth cycle anew with early Decembers Super Full Moon in Gemini. Reborn with the energy of the youth, the student - beginners mind ready to absorb information in new ways. Liberated, we were primed to expand, stretch and perceive the world through fresh lenses with the curious vigor of youth.

We then went through a process of maturation from the youthful energy of Gemini into mid Decembers New Moon in Sagittarius which invited a shift from the “scattered” energy of Gemini – the child excited to try everything – into the rooted energy of the Philosopher who knows truth. The knower who has aggregated the varied array of “Gemini” experience into one overarching and meaningful system of belief.

We have been doing a lot of growing over this past month.

Healing with Scorpio.

Stretching with Gemini.

Clarifying our beliefs and values with Sagittarius.

And now, we enter the realm of Cancer...  

A time for softening.

Having matured, we are now able to look retrospectively at our progress. Aware of the “follies of our youth” we enter a time for self forgiveness.

A time for compassion and kindness.

With Venus in Capricorn opposing this moon, we are invited to allow others to support us with their loving reflection. To be held. To be seen.

To recognize others as mirrors reminding us that, while it is important to seek within, there is also mastery, mission and meaning available in the big outer world. That we are to find the balance.

We are invited to apply the Cancer medicine in service of forgiving past hurts.

To start the New Year free of the chains of resentment.

To complete our recent process with the healing medicine of the heart.

Cancer, the energy of the Great Mother calling us home to ourselves. Beckoning us to take pause for self-nurture.

Beckoning us to be gentle; to take time and integrate this lesson filled season of growth and maturation. For, if we fail to take the time to care for ourselves through this processes of expansion, rewiring and up leveling our systems run the risk of getting fried.

Slow down enough to notice… are you experiencing any growing pains?

Are there withdrawals or kickbacks of old patterns re-emerging?

Does your upgraded self still have a hankering for the old way?

The old way of being, eating, speaking, thinking, reacting?

In a state of still presence, without judgment, notice what comes up in your body in those moments. Notice when the weeds of the old way are trying to find growth once more.

In the same way people experience Phantom limbs after an amputation, it’s possible for us to experience Phantom behavior patterns after the dissolution of the wounds that made up their roots. The healing has already occurred, there is no longer a real place for these patterns to take hold, their continued existence is only a function of our making it so out of habit.

This is an opportunity to heal these Phantom behaviors of the past.

Instead of adding water to these Phantoms in the form of energy, attention, and judgment, send Cancerian love, compassion and forgiveness to those places while remaining conscious in a state of non reactive presence. Focus on whom it is that you have grown into. Celebrate the person you have become in order to fully embody and live into your new way of being in 2018.

Cancer, being the first of the water signs deepens our ability to feel and engage with our inner world. Use this energy well by creating a solid container to safely feel all that is present. Use the feeling energy to become familiar with the emotional states that you do not intend to carry forward into the New Year, residue of the past, and fully release. Let go. Burn it away for a clean slate into 2018.

Focus on your highest vision for the year. While visioning your future self actualizing this intention use the Cancerian emotional power to feel as you would feel when your future life is happening.

Embody your future self now.

Feel as your future self now.

Act as your future self now.

You are your future, living wholly, right now.

It’s just about the feeling. When it comes to Cancer, the healing, the integration, the alignment with your best life happens through the feeling.

So, let go of the trappings of the mind and engage with the wisdom of your heart while feeling your way into the New Year as the Great Mother whispers truth in your ear... 

“you are loved."

“you are seen.”

“I’m so proud of you.”

“you are safe.”

“you are right on time.”

 “Its going to be even better then you imagined. I promse.” 

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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