Full Moon in Gemini: Full System Upgrade


On December 3rd, 2017 we refine our stories and cleanse the lens through which we see the world with the Super Full Moon in Gemini.

This Gemini full moon comes to us on the tail of the recent New Moon in Scorpio, which served to surface shadow material for clearing.

Scorpio called us to heal the unresolved material within and learn to accept the hidden dimensions of our psyche.

With Scorpio, we moved through a Phoenician process, a soul serving catharsis in the fire of transformation. We had the opportunity to receive being altering, spiritual education that can only be obtained through sacred fire.

Sacred sexual. Sacred contracts. Sacred magic. Sacred wounding.

The sacred process of death and rebirth.

We discovered the parts of ourselves that needed to die so that the greater truth of our essence could be born.

After being cracked wide open in this way, we are ready to receive and embody the core messages of our souls.

Enter Gemini.

The Full Moon lighting up our readiness to receive ourselves. Our newly rebirthed selves. Lighting up our readiness to change. Inviting us to let go of the need to know and instead embrace the uncertainty of it all; knowing only that we must be gentle.

We realize that having just been reborn through this Phoenician catharsis, we are like young children learning to walk again.

Learning to drive our physical vehicles once more… having burned down the old automatic model (during the Scorpio time) and rising up again with a brand new supercharged racecar of a being… with a stick shift.

Zoom. Zoom.

A new car… supercharged (a new way of being…supercharged) that we haven’t yet learned to master can be scary. It can seem treacherous, wobbly, like we might lose control.

The road forward? Learn. And fast. Gemini’s expertise.

Gemini. The master absorber of new information. The versatile navigator of uncharted territory. The one who finds clarity in the tumult.

The thirst for knowledge, peace with change and the energy of the student are the medicines of the moment.

Here we aim to be kind with ourselves, and take meticulous care of our newly upgraded vehicles, engaging with the world with beginners mind. Soaking up information through our rebirthed lenses. Lenses free from fog born of repressed material that had been causing muddied perception. With that material cleared (assuming we aced the scorpionic energy) we are gifted with a quantum leap in perception!

We are gifted with the ability to see everything from a fresh perspective. We see our relationships, our mission, the framework of our lives with new eyes and we get to create with wonder and joy once again. Free from the triggers and land mines of the past.

Graduated, we are ready to listen.

Graduated, we are ready to perceive in new ways through our senses.

Graduated, we are ready to get into conversation with ourselves, and get curious about the road forward.

Reborn, we may not be clear about what is to come, but with Gemini we recognize that the uncertainty breeds excitement. The uncertainty breeds fire, and the desire to expand… to do things differently this time. From a place of divine alignment.

We see the world with a freshness, a newness, an energized and bold zest for the gift it is to be alive. Our recent spiritual death more than any other teacher gifted us with the ability to appreciate life…and here we enjoy that seasoned perspective with reverence and gratitude.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury the messenger of the Gods (which goes retrograde on the same day as the Full Moon) asks us to become hyper aware of our process at the mental level.  To become fully aware of our thoughts.

We aim to become aware of the stories we have been telling ourselves about what is possible… or not.

About what is acceptable… or not.

About who it is that we are “supposed” to be… or not be.

Where could these stories use some revision to better reflect the inner soul truths that have emerged during the Scopionic times?

To reflect the resilience gained.

With Mercury in retrograde, this energy is not so much focused on the outer expression of the voice and cognitive prowess, but rather an invitation for an internal mental review.

We practice conscious attention and constructive awareness of our own internal conversation. We use this time well by being MINDFULL of how full our minds have been…with unconscious material…with mental chatter born from past conditioning.

Chatter that is nothing but a reflection of the old self that has gone now, burned into the ashes of yesterday…

Yet, those old mental pathways that have been reinforced for years still exist in the brain. So, Gemini and Mercury retrograde invite us again and again to practice meta-thinking (awareness of our thoughts) Each time we notice outdated thought patterns born of the painful past, we redirect.

Again and again we redirect; creating new neural pathways. Re-writing our stories. Re-writing our lives.

We create an entirely up-leveled way of receiving and processing information in service of the “maturation” of our newly rebirthed selves. Ultimately finding ourselves thinking in new ways, feeling in new ways and driving our brand new vehicle with seamless precision in full alignment…no road map needed.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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