New Moon in Scorpio: Emotional Alchemy


On November 18th, 2017 we collectively plunge into the depths of our psyche, and the catharsis available there with the New Moon in Scorpio.

With the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus all cruising through Scorpio we are all in a process of catharsis. The way this looks will vary greatly as it’s an utterly internal process, but the consistent dish du jour – massive transformation.

Here we receive the invitation to get present with our feelings and to look with clear eyes at the subconscious material that has been lurking beneath the surface.

Let us imagine the Scorpion representing our wounded places within. Venomous, terrifying and hiding within the darkness of the night. Within the darkness of the soul. Within the traumas we have repressed.

We can sense the Scorpions presence; we know it is there. Lurking. Poison at the ready. But we can’t quite intuit where it is, or how to vanquish it.

So we step lightly.

We turn a blind eye, pretending it doesn’t exist.

Yet, a part of us still senses the presence of the Scorpionic wound, of the existence of our painful edges.  So, we unconsciously do all we can not to provoke it. Not to do, or say, or be anything that might awaken that scorpion within. That might trigger the wound into a sting.

We become captives of our own making. Captives of our own shadow.

Up until now.

That is, if we work with this energy consciously.

Our previous inability to locate the “venom” within is now coming to a close. Scorpio gives us an access point to the previously unconscious. And, the Universe is conspiring to provide us with just the circumstances needed in order to bring up the shadow for healing.

This could show up in a variety of ways – through relationship dynamics, power games, aggression, money battles, manipulation, deceit (even unconscious), shaming or guilt producing situations, sexual and energetic entanglements… All of these experiences coming forward to show us where our “scorpions” have been lying dormant. Acting as the unconscious captains of our ship.

For Carl Jung’s famous saying could not ring more true… “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  

So aim to stay present, non reactive, and aware of that which is unfolding in your emotional world. With radical self honesty see yourself fully, including your shadow. Feel it all and love yourself through it knowing that any discomfort is just part of the release process, a part of the catharsis.  

So, here we stand with our hidden Scorpions a stirring. Ready to face them, we must feel the poison…we must experience the unresolved material that has been happily hiding out just beyond our conscious awareness.

In order to transmute it.

In order to free ourselves.

In order to integrate the wisdom.

The gift of Scorpio. Masterful alchemy. The great transmuter. The energy that gifts us with the ability to face, hold and process it all in order to transmute the pain into power.

During this Scorpio new moon we participate in this ancient internal alchemical process. True emotional alchemy.

In successfully doing this, we ascend beyond the Scorpion and harness the power of Scorpios higher allies, the Eagle and the Phoenix.

The Eagle, the one who soars above it all, seeing everything with clear vision, unfazed by the turbulence, playing in the spaciousness, wise, laser focused.

The Phoenix. The one who fears nothing. Not even death. For the Phoenix renews herself through the very process of death. Revering death as a cleansing, a purification of all that once was but was never meant to be.

The Phoenix demonstrates the true release of all that no longer serves. Transformation the only constant, she recognizes that death is just the doorway to the next birth, the gateway toward the growth of stronger wings. The gateway toward becoming the embodied container of the vast wisdom and sacredness that can only be born of the resilience formed from knowing, first hand, that the process of burning down into ashes is truly just the beginning. 

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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