Jupiter Meets Venus: A Super Conjunction


Venus and Jupiter merge in a powerful super conjunction today.

When the Goddess of love meets the King the potential for Big Magic abounds.

Jupiter is classically considered a Great benefic, a "lucky" planet and when he dances arm in arm with lovely Venus there is an increased potential for fortuitous meetings, creative openings, and exposure to that which infuses beauty into our lives.

Add Scorpio to the mix and we make it hot - sexy, deep, seductive...and potentially addictive.

Every high potential has a low, so while Venus and Jupiter tend toward the sweet, be sure to keep your spidey senses alert to excess, gluttony, dark sexuality, co dependence and sugary niceties that cover up darker realities.

On to the higher potentials...

Be open for the entry of soulmates, soul family & friends arriving in divine timing, with sacred messages (or kisses... or handcuffs if Scorpio has anything to say about it... 🦂)

The function of Jupiter is to expand everything it touches. And in Scorpio and we must be aware of the expansion of unconscious (and charged) material bubbling up to the surface.

This is happening for clearing and integration, but there is also potential for that unconscious material to begin steering our experience. Stay present.

Scorpio represents sex death and the occult, everything dealing with the exchange of strong energies. With relational Venus in the mix, this could certainly get steamy.

The potential exists for the expansion of our sex lives and if we don't already have a partner the heavens are winking down upon the possibility of meeting one - assuming you do not underestimate your worth and have worked to clear subconscious "blocks" in this area.

It becomes important here to know that you are valuable and that you deserve the partnerships you seek (not just romantically, but in all forms) Be primed and ready to say yes when these natural partners present themselves. Recognize the messages and be open to receiving, so that your heart is beating to the pulse of love vs fear.

Coming into this level of self confidence and worth (a la the king Jupiter) will likely require an internal review and clearing. Welcome to Scorpio territory.

If there is any unresolved emotional material blocking the way to the full recognition of your value (creatively and as a partner) or, if there is unresolved material blocking the ability to recognize and take ownership of your creative gifts (Venus) that material will be accessible now.

So, open to doing the work and take an honest look within, recognizing that loving and accepting all parts of yourself, even the darker bits, is the first step on the road to freedom and the ability to attract that which you value from a place of first valuing yourself, celebrating that today, we are all manifestations of the union of the regal King of expansion and the divine Goddess of love.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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