New Moon in Libra: Transcending Conflict in the Name of Peace

On September 30th, 2016 we collectively lean into the relationship oriented energy of the new moon in Libra.

Libran energy as a function in the psyche is related to our impulse to establish harmony and build bridges of rapport between self and other. Through the mirror of relationship, we are able to see ourselves more clearly, learn how to give and receive love, and invite the deepest levels of peace into our experience through connection.

Cuddle puddle anyone?

This energy is riding on the wave of the recent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces when we had the opportunity to release, let go and clear space within our consciousness for that which will serve our highest good. We were invited to “zoom out” and engage with a more expansive point of view to witness our experience from a detached perspective, while also creating space for our problems to dissipate and for miracles to enter.

What a gift it has been to “clear out the muck” during the Piscean eclipse! Now, from this more open, receptive, and expanded state we are able to magnetize relationships that reflect that same openness, receptivity and universal love into our experience. We recognize that when we take care of ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically our relationships will reflect back to us that same level of care.

So, what sorts of relationships are you witnessing in your experience during this time? Remember, you are a magnet and you have magnetized the relationships that exist in your life for a reason. They help show you who you are and often times, where you have more work to do. So, do you still have some internal house cleaning or are your relationships reflecting back the harmony, peace, and love that we all strive to harness? 

This New Moon is also squaring the planet Mars (the God of War) bringing in the potential for some conflict during this time. Essentially, we are collectively exploring the art of intimate conflict.

Seek to integrate the assertive warrior energy with the peace-seeking Libran energy and bravely speak your truth while also calmly holding space to receive the truths of those around you without taking anything personally. If we navigate these waters consciously, there is enormous potential for growth in terms of how we relate with the most important people in our lives. 

It is important to remember that our relationships cannot give to us anything that does not already exist inside - relationships are our MIRRORS, reflecting back exactly what is. So, if you seek more playfulness from your partner or friends, do not “expect” or “need” it from outside of yourself, instead, cultivate playfulness within and watch the mirror of your relationships reflect that back to you. If you seek more romance, you got it, take yourself on a date that ends with a candle lit bubble bath filled with rose petals. Do not externalize that which you need – instead, CREATE that which you need. CULTIVATE that which you need. SELF SOURCE that which you need and watch the world reflect those needs back to you. With Mars involved, any other road could lead to battle scars.

Yes, this energy is about relationship, but relationship as a vehicle for continued personal evolution. Relationship as a tool that magnifies our ability to see ourselves clearly. Relationship as a great teacher that presents the opportunity for us to learn how to navigate an infinite number of circumstances, including conflict, with grace.

This is a wonderful time to learn how to move through even the most difficult relationship dynamics by practicing the ability to receive and integrate multiple perspectives into your consciousness without resistance. Can you hold space for differing opinions, wants and needs that do not always fall in line with your own? The aim here is to cultivate peace and diplomacy; and sometimes we must do that in the face of challenge.

So, as we lean into love, appreciation and reverence for the soul mates who have shown up to support our continued evolution, we transcend conflict in the name of peace, we transcend competition in the name of balance, we transcend selfishness in the name of co-creation, and we transcend fear in the name of love.

I only attract loving people in my world, for they are the mirror of what I am.
— Louise Hay

Written By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology 

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