New Moon in Leo August 2nd, 2016 - Boldly Shine Your Light Into the World

On August 2nd, 2016 we collectively move into the regal energy of the New Moon in Leo.
In the past month we have moved through some very powerful lunar energetic invitations. We received a regenerative new moon in Cancer when we dove deep into our emotional worlds in order to address wounded places and heal what needed to be healed. The Cancer New Moon was followed by a foundational Full Moon in Capricorn where we were given the opportunity to “dry off” and re-connect to our path with clear eyes, leaving us pointing in the direction of our True North so that we may move with purposeful intention toward our mission in this lifetime.
Now, as we step into the energy of the New Moon in Leo, we have the powerful opportunity to get in touch with our inherent creativity and become fully self-expressed. 

Standing on the solid foundations we have consciously created during the Capricorn Full Moon, we are empowered to harness the self-confidence necessary to shine the light of our playful hearts like the sun out into the world.
And what is the point of building on that solid foundation if not to build something that is a unique reflection of the creative truth that lives in your own heart?  During this next phase, think about how you will choose to reflect that creative spark which lives inside you out into the world.
As we think about the idea of calling more creativity into our lives, let’s let the word breathe and look at how we might harness this energy from a variety of different angles.
Let us evoke...

The creativity of children - playing without an ounce of self-consciousness, unabashed expression in the spirit of bliss, joy, and fun! Is this the dose of creative energy you need?
The creativity of the artists, writers, poets, designers - channeling the intricate beauty of the world through their fingertips.
The creativity of the performers and storytellers - using the body, mind and voice as tools to emote, dance, joke, speak, and improvise while evoking the hero’s journey – often times sending laser beams of empathy into our hearts as we relate the happenings on stage or film to the happenings in our own lives.
The creativity of the healers - as they channel the wisdom of the cosmos and use their physical form to convey the metaphysical messages that heal us on both individual and collective levels.

The creativity of the survivalists, environmentalists and adventurers - seeking ways to become one with nature, seeing themselves as a manifestation of the great beauty that is this world and creating sustainable ways of living within it.
What great acts of creativity these all are, and the list goes on and on...
During this time, find your muse, your inspiration and courageously reveal yourself on the stage of your life. Let this outpouring of personal expression splash your already solid foundation with color! The creative spark that lives within is the true guide as we collectively recognize that we really are the ultimate CREATORS of our own experience on this planet. 

Be brave, be bold, be ready, for now is the time to let yourself be seen.

Written By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology 

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