New Moon in Cancer July 4th, 2016 - A Dose of Healing Energy

On July 4th 2016 we collectively step into the healing energy of the New Moon in Cancer.

Considering the charged up Astrological environment we have been navigating as of late, we could all use a dose of healing medicine. Enter the Cancerian energy of the “Great Mother” with a big ol’ medicine spoon (hopefully it’s the cherry stuff!)

Healing is not always comfortable, and with this new moon opposing Pluto (the Lord of the Underworld) we are being invited to take a deep look at our tender places and feel into the source of that tenderness. You may experience heightened emotional, intuitive and dream state sensitivities during this time with nerve endings very close to the surface, potentially leaving you feeling extra exposed and vulnerable.

This feeling of hyper sensitivity may compel you to begin “shutting down” in a perceived act of self protection; instead, I urge you to courageously remain OPEN to your feelings and active inner world with the intention of understanding what your raw emotions and wounded places are trying to tell you.

Profound “soul messages” pointing in the direction of your most potent healing opportunities are available during this time if you are brave enough to dive into the depths of your own Plutonian “underworld” in order to retrieve them. The truth is that these messages are love notes from your soul wrapped in an envelope that is notoriously difficult to open.

Cancer energy is intimately related to family – I am referring primarily to blood relatives here but we can certainly let the word “family” breath to include the idea of “soul family” as well – those friends who ARE family.  It is perfectly synchronistic that this New Moon lands on the 4th of July, a date many of us spend with our nearest and dearest. These “soulmates” are carriers of your greatest healing opportunities and may also trigger some of your deepest wounds. So, if you find yourself triggered during this time, recognize that the pain is coming up as a sign post pointing you to the areas within your psyche that need the Cancer healing medicine most! “Thank you pain! Now I know where to apply my medicine.”

Feel the gratitude for you are held in the safe and nurturing arms of the Great Mother. The heightened emotional state is for your own soul evolution and you are being presented with a massive opportunity for growth if you are only willing to sit with the tenderness for a while.

Lean into your feelings, process with those you trust and take a big swallow as the healing medicine circulates through your consciousness. The high vibration here is that you make good friends with your inner world and tap into the emotional and intuitive messages that are bubbling up from your psyche. Follow the feelings into the labyrinth of your heart. Remember, the “Great Mother” is cradling you during this time, you are safe, you are supported and above all else you are loved unconditionally and beyond measure.

Written By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology 

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