Full Moon in Sagittarius May 21st, 2016 - Asking the BIG questions!

On May 21st, 2016 we collectively step into the energy of the Full Moon in Sagittarius
Imagine the mythic Gypsy and the Philosopher pondering the BIG questions – these archetypes evoke the Sagittarian spirit - The gypsy soul who desires adventure, surprise, and that which is unexpected; even if the unexpected leads to a certain amount of chaos…but, what does the gypsy do with chaos?
The gypsy laughs with the chaos, loves with the chaos, rolls with the chaos, as if the chaos itself is the fuel for a life of excitement! What would life be without surprise? What would life be without adventure and connection with other generous open hearted spirits?
During this time harness your inner gypsy spirit. Throw chance to the wind and ride the wave of your life with bliss. Have FAITH that each person and situation that enters your experience is there for your ultimate pleasure and evolution. Feel the generosity and light heartedness in this energy...those are the gifts of Sagittarius!
And then there is the scholarly and philosophical piece to this energy, encouraging our minds and intuitions to expand. We ponder the big questions and seek to find the answers. Why are we here? What does it mean to be human? Where do we go after we die? When will we find life on other planets and what will that mean for humanity?
As the philosopher we lay on our backs late at night staring up into the galaxy far away, our minds attempting to stretch around the vastness that is this incredible Universe wondering what our place is in it. Engage with this philosophical quality that lives inside you.
There is so much to discover when we all THINK BIG adding our own unique perspective. During this time we are to learn and connect with the truth that we are inside of, part of, the embodiment of something much grander then we imagined as children – we are realizing that we are the Universe itself, experiencing itself, through our conscious self-awareness. Do you feel your mind and heart expanding? Feel your intuitive body stretching as your mind wraps around these larger questions and ideas. It is that place of expansion that we aim to harness during this Sagittarian time.

This Full Moon is conjunct the planet Mars, the God of War, adding some extra fire power to the mix. With Mars involved there may be some combativeness, conflict or competition that arises, so recognize that it is important to stand your ground, assert your needs and maintain healthy boundaries. You are worthy and deserving of incredible abundance in this lifetime, and at times it is necessary to claim that for yourself with a certain level of courage and ferocity.
This energy is about the quest for knowledge, the quest for adventure, the quest for faith in something larger than ourselves and connection to one another. When we recognize our unity and grandness from this philosophical point of view we can all become more generous, more loving, more kind and more playful!
We can stop taking ourselves so seriously and recognize that play is just as important as work. Take this time to go on real adventures with other gypsy souls who want to connect and ponder the vastness of the Universe and the interconnectedness of all things with a heavy sprinkle of laughter, fun and light hearted expansion.  Have faith that we live in a meaningful Universe, where miracles abound, and that all is happening to serve the greatest good - for in the end we are all supported.
Take this time to enjoy the ride!

Written By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology 

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