The Calm inside the Storm - New Moon Wisdom

Holy smokes! We have been living in some super charged Astrological times as of late. Over the past couple months we have been navigating through:

·      Potent solar and lunar eclipses which presented portals of great change, breakthrough, shake-up and transformation – that is, if we have been willing to release that which no longer serves us to create space for new possibilities to emerge.

·      A tense T-Square between spiritually dreamy yet spacey and ungrounded Neptune in Pisces, obsessed with the details Jupiter in Virgo, and self-righteous Saturn in Sagittarius (with some warrior Mars flavor in there as well – have you been showing up as hunter or prey lately?)

o   In order to get a better feel for this aspect just imagine all these characters sitting down for dinner together. Ask yourself how these very different characters might find a way to happily clink their glasses together and make a toast that they could all get excited about!

My suggestion regarding this T-Square is to think strategically about how you might ground your spiritual ideals into your practical day-to-day life. Explore how you could integrate the divine insights you are receiving into your work while remaining totally open-minded and in surrender to the unfolding of the bigger picture divine plan (recognizing that you can’t control how that divine plan will show up, you can only remain open to receiving it and ready to act when it reveals itself)

·      We also experienced an emotionally charged Full Moon in Scorpio at the end of April, which has served to help us get in touch with and value the wisdom of our own emotions. What have their messages been for you?

·      And don’t forget to add FIVE retrograde planets into to this mix – Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury are all asking us to revisit and review many areas of our lives before we charge full steam ahead. This can often feel frustrating and manifest as “false-starts” or unnecessary slow downs, but remember to recognize that we often leap before we look without doing due diligence, and the retrograde planets are giving us the precious opportunity to take a breath and LOOK before we commit to a final course of action.

With that, you can see why I say these are “super charged times” and although it is true that everything is happening to serve our collective and individual human evolution, we could certainly use a moment to find our center and get back to the basics. Here we enter the doorway to the New Moon in Taurus on May 6th 2016.

The Taurus lunar energy is inviting us to calm down, ground and find balance once again. Hallelujah! It is a reminder that we must build solid foundations first, both internally and externally, in order to manifest anything of lasting value in this lifetime. During this time we remember that we are sturdy, we are safe, we are solid and that we can be the calm inside of any storm.

This is the time to get back into the physical body and onto the earth plane – a great time to go camping or on a nature walk, get a massage, take a hot bubble bath, cook your favorite meal, wear essential oils and engage in mindful activities that bring you back into present moment awareness through the senses. Re-engage with simple pleasures, spend some money on yourself and remember how precious and lovely it is to be in your physical body! Creature comforts, oh yes!

Set your new moon intentions around themes of financial security, self worth, safety and building foundations while getting clear about how to bring more harmony and stability into your daily life.

It is from this place of peace and self-confidence that you can launch into the next phase of your journey with clear-eyed certainty while bringing forward a deepening sense of gratitude for the gift it is to experience this precious human incarnation. From this solid foundation you can build anything, you can be anything, you can dream anything and know that you are safe doing it. You are deserving and you are supported in every way.

Written By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology 

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