Super Full Moon in Cancer: A Heart Centered Beginning


On January 1st, 2018 we anchor our new years intentions with the Super Full Moon in Cancer.

The last months cycle brought with it opportunity to redefine our story.  

We emerged from the Scorpionic death and rebirth cycle anew with early Decembers Super Full Moon in Gemini. Reborn with the energy of the youth, the student - beginners mind ready to absorb information in new ways. Liberated, we were primed to expand, stretch and perceive the world through fresh lenses with the curious vigor of youth.

We then went through a process of maturation from the youthful energy of Gemini into mid Decembers New Moon in Sagittarius which invited a shift from the “scattered” energy of Gemini – the child excited to try everything – into the rooted energy of the Philosopher who knows truth. The knower who has aggregated the varied array of “Gemini” experience into one overarching and meaningful system of belief.

We have been doing a lot of growing over this past month.

Healing with Scorpio.

Stretching with Gemini.

Clarifying our beliefs and values with Sagittarius.

And now, we enter the realm of Cancer...  

A time for softening.

Having matured, we are now able to look retrospectively at our progress. Aware of the “follies of our youth” we enter a time for self forgiveness.

A time for compassion and kindness.

With Venus in Capricorn opposing this moon, we are invited to allow others to support us with their loving reflection. To be held. To be seen.

To recognize others as mirrors reminding us that, while it is important to seek within, there is also mastery, mission and meaning available in the big outer world. That we are to find the balance.

We are invited to apply the Cancer medicine in service of forgiving past hurts.

To start the New Year free of the chains of resentment.

To complete our recent process with the healing medicine of the heart.

Cancer, the energy of the Great Mother calling us home to ourselves. Beckoning us to take pause for self-nurture.

Beckoning us to be gentle; to take time and integrate this lesson filled season of growth and maturation. For, if we fail to take the time to care for ourselves through this processes of expansion, rewiring and up leveling our systems run the risk of getting fried.

Slow down enough to notice… are you experiencing any growing pains?

Are there withdrawals or kickbacks of old patterns re-emerging?

Does your upgraded self still have a hankering for the old way?

The old way of being, eating, speaking, thinking, reacting?

In a state of still presence, without judgment, notice what comes up in your body in those moments. Notice when the weeds of the old way are trying to find growth once more.

In the same way people experience Phantom limbs after an amputation, it’s possible for us to experience Phantom behavior patterns after the dissolution of the wounds that made up their roots. The healing has already occurred, there is no longer a real place for these patterns to take hold, their continued existence is only a function of our making it so out of habit.

This is an opportunity to heal these Phantom behaviors of the past.

Instead of adding water to these Phantoms in the form of energy, attention, and judgment, send Cancerian love, compassion and forgiveness to those places while remaining conscious in a state of non reactive presence. Focus on whom it is that you have grown into. Celebrate the person you have become in order to fully embody and live into your new way of being in 2018.

Cancer, being the first of the water signs deepens our ability to feel and engage with our inner world. Use this energy well by creating a solid container to safely feel all that is present. Use the feeling energy to become familiar with the emotional states that you do not intend to carry forward into the New Year, residue of the past, and fully release. Let go. Burn it away for a clean slate into 2018.

Focus on your highest vision for the year. While visioning your future self actualizing this intention use the Cancerian emotional power to feel as you would feel when your future life is happening.

Embody your future self now.

Feel as your future self now.

Act as your future self now.

You are your future, living wholly, right now.

It’s just about the feeling. When it comes to Cancer, the healing, the integration, the alignment with your best life happens through the feeling.

So, let go of the trappings of the mind and engage with the wisdom of your heart while feeling your way into the New Year as the Great Mother whispers truth in your ear... 

“you are loved."

“you are seen.”

“I’m so proud of you.”

“you are safe.”

“you are right on time.”

 “Its going to be even better then you imagined. I promse.” 

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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Full Moon in Gemini: Full System Upgrade

On December 3rd, 2017 we refine our stories and cleanse the lens through which we see the world with the Super Full Moon in Gemini.

This Gemini full moon comes to us on the tail of the recent New Moon in Scorpio, which served to surface shadow material for clearing.

Scorpio called us to heal the unresolved material within and learn to accept the hidden dimensions of our psyche.

With Scorpio, we moved through a Phoenician process, a soul serving catharsis in the fire of transformation. We had the opportunity to receive being altering, spiritual education that can only be obtained through sacred fire.

Sacred sexual. Sacred contracts. Sacred magic. Sacred wounding.

The sacred process of death and rebirth.

We discovered the parts of ourselves that needed to die so that the greater truth of our essence could be born.

After being cracked wide open in this way, we are ready to receive and embody the core messages of our souls.

Enter Gemini.

The Full Moon lighting up our readiness to receive ourselves. Our newly rebirthed selves. Lighting up our readiness to change. Inviting us to let go of the need to know and instead embrace the uncertainty of it all; knowing only that we must be gentle.

We realize that having just been reborn through this Phoenician catharsis, we are like young children learning to walk again.

Learning to drive our physical vehicles once more… having burned down the old automatic model (during the Scorpio time) and rising up again with a brand new supercharged racecar of a being… with a stick shift.

Zoom. Zoom.

A new car… supercharged (a new way of being…supercharged) that we haven’t yet learned to master can be scary. It can seem treacherous, wobbly, like we might lose control.

The road forward? Learn. And fast. Gemini’s expertise.

Gemini. The master absorber of new information. The versatile navigator of uncharted territory. The one who finds clarity in the tumult.

The thirst for knowledge, peace with change and the energy of the student are the medicines of the moment.

Here we aim to be kind with ourselves, and take meticulous care of our newly upgraded vehicles, engaging with the world with beginners mind. Soaking up information through our rebirthed lenses. Lenses free from fog born of repressed material that had been causing muddied perception. With that material cleared (assuming we aced the scorpionic energy) we are gifted with a quantum leap in perception!

We are gifted with the ability to see everything from a fresh perspective. We see our relationships, our mission, the framework of our lives with new eyes and we get to create with wonder and joy once again. Free from the triggers and land mines of the past.

Graduated, we are ready to listen.

Graduated, we are ready to perceive in new ways through our senses.

Graduated, we are ready to get into conversation with ourselves, and get curious about the road forward.

Reborn, we may not be clear about what is to come, but with Gemini we recognize that the uncertainty breeds excitement. The uncertainty breeds fire, and the desire to expand… to do things differently this time. From a place of divine alignment.

We see the world with a freshness, a newness, an energized and bold zest for the gift it is to be alive. Our recent spiritual death more than any other teacher gifted us with the ability to appreciate life…and here we enjoy that seasoned perspective with reverence and gratitude.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury the messenger of the Gods (which goes retrograde on the same day as the Full Moon) asks us to become hyper aware of our process at the mental level.  To become fully aware of our thoughts.

We aim to become aware of the stories we have been telling ourselves about what is possible… or not.

About what is acceptable… or not.

About who it is that we are “supposed” to be… or not be.

Where could these stories use some revision to better reflect the inner soul truths that have emerged during the Scopionic times?

To reflect the resilience gained.

With Mercury in retrograde, this energy is not so much focused on the outer expression of the voice and cognitive prowess, but rather an invitation for an internal mental review.

We practice conscious attention and constructive awareness of our own internal conversation. We use this time well by being MINDFULL of how full our minds have been…with unconscious material…with mental chatter born from past conditioning.

Chatter that is nothing but a reflection of the old self that has gone now, burned into the ashes of yesterday…

Yet, those old mental pathways that have been reinforced for years still exist in the brain. So, Gemini and Mercury retrograde invite us again and again to practice meta-thinking (awareness of our thoughts) Each time we notice outdated thought patterns born of the painful past, we redirect.

Again and again we redirect; creating new neural pathways. Re-writing our stories. Re-writing our lives.

We create an entirely up-leveled way of receiving and processing information in service of the “maturation” of our newly rebirthed selves. Ultimately finding ourselves thinking in new ways, feeling in new ways and driving our brand new vehicle with seamless precision in full alignment…no road map needed.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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New Moon in Scorpio: Emotional Alchemy


On November 18th, 2017 we collectively plunge into the depths of our psyche, and the catharsis available there with the New Moon in Scorpio.

With the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus all cruising through Scorpio we are all in a process of catharsis. The way this looks will vary greatly as it’s an utterly internal process, but the consistent dish du jour – massive transformation.

Here we receive the invitation to get present with our feelings and to look with clear eyes at the subconscious material that has been lurking beneath the surface.

Let us imagine the Scorpion representing our wounded places within. Venomous, terrifying and hiding within the darkness of the night. Within the darkness of the soul. Within the traumas we have repressed.

We can sense the Scorpions presence; we know it is there. Lurking. Poison at the ready. But we can’t quite intuit where it is, or how to vanquish it.

So we step lightly.

We turn a blind eye, pretending it doesn’t exist.

Yet, a part of us still senses the presence of the Scorpionic wound, of the existence of our painful edges.  So, we unconsciously do all we can not to provoke it. Not to do, or say, or be anything that might awaken that scorpion within. That might trigger the wound into a sting.

We become captives of our own making. Captives of our own shadow.

Up until now.

That is, if we work with this energy consciously.

Our previous inability to locate the “venom” within is now coming to a close. Scorpio gives us an access point to the previously unconscious. And, the Universe is conspiring to provide us with just the circumstances needed in order to bring up the shadow for healing.

This could show up in a variety of ways – through relationship dynamics, power games, aggression, money battles, manipulation, deceit (even unconscious), shaming or guilt producing situations, sexual and energetic entanglements… All of these experiences coming forward to show us where our “scorpions” have been lying dormant. Acting as the unconscious captains of our ship.

For Carl Jung’s famous saying could not ring more true… “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  

So aim to stay present, non reactive, and aware of that which is unfolding in your emotional world. With radical self honesty see yourself fully, including your shadow. Feel it all and love yourself through it knowing that any discomfort is just part of the release process, a part of the catharsis.  

So, here we stand with our hidden Scorpions a stirring. Ready to face them, we must feel the poison…we must experience the unresolved material that has been happily hiding out just beyond our conscious awareness.

In order to transmute it.

In order to free ourselves.

In order to integrate the wisdom.

The gift of Scorpio. Masterful alchemy. The great transmuter. The energy that gifts us with the ability to face, hold and process it all in order to transmute the pain into power.

During this Scorpio new moon we participate in this ancient internal alchemical process. True emotional alchemy.

In successfully doing this, we ascend beyond the Scorpion and harness the power of Scorpios higher allies, the Eagle and the Phoenix.

The Eagle, the one who soars above it all, seeing everything with clear vision, unfazed by the turbulence, playing in the spaciousness, wise, laser focused.

The Phoenix. The one who fears nothing. Not even death. For the Phoenix renews herself through the very process of death. Revering death as a cleansing, a purification of all that once was but was never meant to be.

The Phoenix demonstrates the true release of all that no longer serves. Transformation the only constant, she recognizes that death is just the doorway to the next birth, the gateway toward the growth of stronger wings. The gateway toward becoming the embodied container of the vast wisdom and sacredness that can only be born of the resilience formed from knowing, first hand, that the process of burning down into ashes is truly just the beginning. 

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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Jupiter Meets Venus: A Super Conjunction


Venus and Jupiter merge in a powerful super conjunction today.

When the Goddess of love meets the King the potential for Big Magic abounds.

Jupiter is classically considered a Great benefic, a "lucky" planet and when he dances arm in arm with lovely Venus there is an increased potential for fortuitous meetings, creative openings, and exposure to that which infuses beauty into our lives.

Add Scorpio to the mix and we make it hot - sexy, deep, seductive...and potentially addictive.

Every high potential has a low, so while Venus and Jupiter tend toward the sweet, be sure to keep your spidey senses alert to excess, gluttony, dark sexuality, co dependence and sugary niceties that cover up darker realities.

On to the higher potentials...

Be open for the entry of soulmates, soul family & friends arriving in divine timing, with sacred messages (or kisses... or handcuffs if Scorpio has anything to say about it... 🦂)

The function of Jupiter is to expand everything it touches. And in Scorpio and we must be aware of the expansion of unconscious (and charged) material bubbling up to the surface.

This is happening for clearing and integration, but there is also potential for that unconscious material to begin steering our experience. Stay present.

Scorpio represents sex death and the occult, everything dealing with the exchange of strong energies. With relational Venus in the mix, this could certainly get steamy.

The potential exists for the expansion of our sex lives and if we don't already have a partner the heavens are winking down upon the possibility of meeting one - assuming you do not underestimate your worth and have worked to clear subconscious "blocks" in this area.

It becomes important here to know that you are valuable and that you deserve the partnerships you seek (not just romantically, but in all forms) Be primed and ready to say yes when these natural partners present themselves. Recognize the messages and be open to receiving, so that your heart is beating to the pulse of love vs fear.

Coming into this level of self confidence and worth (a la the king Jupiter) will likely require an internal review and clearing. Welcome to Scorpio territory.

If there is any unresolved emotional material blocking the way to the full recognition of your value (creatively and as a partner) or, if there is unresolved material blocking the ability to recognize and take ownership of your creative gifts (Venus) that material will be accessible now.

So, open to doing the work and take an honest look within, recognizing that loving and accepting all parts of yourself, even the darker bits, is the first step on the road to freedom and the ability to attract that which you value from a place of first valuing yourself, celebrating that today, we are all manifestations of the union of the regal King of expansion and the divine Goddess of love.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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New Moon in Libra: Radical Acceptance


The Moon is New in the peace loving sign of Libra opposing Uranus the Lord of earthquakes and lightning bolts.

The Libran energy invites us to identify how we might cultivate more balance, harmony and joy within ourselves and within our relationships as well.

The Uranian energy (opposing this New Moon) compels us to break away from anything – person, place, expectation, experience, or rulebook - that may be holding us back, confining us or tamping our ability to shine our most unique light in its fullest expression.

Libran energy agrees.

Uranian energy rebels.

Libran energy pleases.

Uranian energy says fuck you.

Libran energy asks us to share.

Uranian energy asks us to claim what’s rightfully ours.

Libran energy compromises.

Uranus believes the word compromise should be ejected from the dictionary.

Needless to say, these two energies may not get along very well if left alone at a dinner table. And, for that reason we may be experiencing a certain amount of internal tension during this particular transit.

Tension between the part of ourselves that wants relationship, partnership, and love…the part that has the urge to merge and to experience bliss through divine union…the part that finds beauty, meaning and depth in shared experience with others and doesn’t want to risk losing that no matter what, even if it means compromising the self just a little bit (Libra)…

And the part of ourselves that finds safety and power in self sufficiency…the part of ourselves that doesn’t want to “play house…” the part of ourselves that questions cultural norms and expectation…the part of ourselves that wants to reject social “niceties”…the part of ourselves that wants to run free on the open road screaming “don’t tell me what to do!” to anyone who will listen (Uranus)

This New Moon is about finding the synthesis between the two extremes within.

The high ground here is to discover the way to express yourself fully with complete rawness and authenticity, while still honoring the sacred nature of relationship with those you love and holding yourself with grace and tact.

This is about noticing where in your life you may have become too self compromising for the sake of pleasing others and harness the Uranian energy in service of reclaiming those parts of yourself so that the way you show up in relationship moving forward is a truer reflection of your spirit.

This is about identifying what right relationship looks like for you. With whom (Libra) do you feel expanded, at ease and able to stand fully in your most authentic self (Uranus)? Aim to cultivate nurture and embrace those relationships during this time.   

This New Moon is an evolutionary invitation to step powerfully forward toward your highest and most fully integrated self. Including the part of self that has been aching for expression not just in the dark corners of your psyche, but outwardly too, WITHIN the container of relationship. Including the self that has remained hidden for fear of rejection. Including the self that is ready to shine out, scream out and not only express (Uranus) but to be loved and received fully for that zany, one of a kind  expression (Libra)

So, So, get to know the raw and unedited version of you. Cultivate that relationship within and then courageously express it. Bring that part of you forward, the real you forward, and share it within your sphere of relationship where you will experience the deep catharsis and healing that occurs in the radical acceptance of the radical you!

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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New Moon in Virgo: Groundwork for the Future


On September 19th (or early on September 20th, depending where you are located in the US) we will collectively experience the practical and earth bound energy of the New Moon in Virgo.

To understand this New Moon it is important to understand the energetic invitations that first set the stage.

The total solar eclipse on August 21st and the Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th brought forward an intense period of paradigm shifting energetic upgrades, life changing alterations and new beginnings pointing the way into potentially uncharted territory.

These energies invited us to step into our greatest levels of courageous expression (Leo) and of surrendered expansion (Pisces).

To own ourselves on the deepest levels, light and shadow, and then to unabashedly reveal that self out into the world (Leo).

To “get over ourselves” enough in order to expand into the awareness of “self” as part of a greater whole (Pisces).

To move from the “me” to the “we,” from “self consciousness” to “cosmic consciousness.”

To get out of our own way just enough to receive and allow divine inspiration to flow through (Pisces) so that we can ultimately share those insights in our own unique way in support of inspiring those around us to do the same (Leo).

These are the recent themes, and its important to note that how these energies have actually manifested in your life (and how aggressive the related “lessons” have been) is a function of the choices you’ve been making up until now.

For example, if you’ve struggled with issues around control, the Piscean lesson of surrender may have shown up in a physical form that forced you to let go and to “get over your attachments” enough to release. This may have seemed difficult at the time, but the soul level growth is the ultimate aim and from a divine perspective, makes it all worth it.

How easy or difficult navigating these processes become is completely up to you; a function of how well you know yourself and of how aware you are of what your "spiritual curriculum" is in this lifetime. The offering in these astrological overviews is the gift of perspective, and of recognizing your role as the empowered and conscious navigator of the reality you are creating in each moment.

Needless to say the Astrological territory this past month has been intense, meaningful and also full of contradiction.

We’ve been asked to know the self and become selfless.

To recognize the importance of“healthy ego” and then to let go of attachment to the false self in service of the divine one, the essence of us all.

To express and expand in extraordinary ways. And now, with the New Moon in Virgo we finally receive the invitation to organize, ground, and apply a certain amount of discernment in terms of how we choose to proceed, and then to integrate the lessons we’ve learned into our daily experience. To integrate the contradictions we’ve navigated into one streamlined version of our identity that feels most inspired, whole and clear.

Virgo invites us to take a step back and “organize the data.”

What have you learned as of recently?

What areas in your life could use a healthy dose of improvement?

Watch out for self-judgment but do look with critical, clear and honest eyes. From this place we grow. From this place we experience true embodied expansion. In Pisces we expand in a metaphysical sense; in Virgo we lay the foundation and take the steps necessary so that the expansion can actually be seen and experienced in the physical!   

Virgo invites us to do the real (and sometimes monotonous) work in order to make our insights real and to collapse the dreams we have in our minds into a tangible form that can be useful in the world. So, here we commit to taking the practical “real world” steps necessary in service of making those soul level visions a reality.

This is a wonderful time to think about the healthy new habits and routines that we may be willing to implement. We think about the mundane, yet necessary, tasks that will support our long term pursuits like waking up earlier, eating healthier, incorporating spreadsheets to better organize ourselves, and implementing systems to ensure that no details go missed as we move forward intentionally in pursuit of our goals.

We move from the Piscean world of the “ethereal” to the no mess Virgo world of the earth bound, realistic, physical.

So, put your analytical hat on and explore what has unfolded recently while asking yourself how these recent learnings (whether challenging or easy) are inviting you to grow?

What commitments are you willing to make to yourself in service of radical self improvement?

What steps could you take to more fully embody your high vision?

How could you be of greater service in the world?

Are there ways in which you have been underestimating yourself or being overly judgmental? (a mere symptom of “virgosis” and no reflection of your authentic self!)

Are there systems you could put in place to mitigate feelings of “less than” in support of the truth that you are, and always have been, more than enough?

Use this energy well to recognize your birthright as an intentional creator and to employ the power of your physical human form in order to identify and implement the structures necessary to affect real change in your life. Anchor in the growth! Anchor in the vision!

Making the commitment to personal excellence and taking small practical steps each day toward that larger goal is a great way to start and this Virgo New Moon is the Universal invitation to begin!

If there are problem areas you’ve turned a blind eye to in the past due to lack of readiness to make a shift, this is the moment to look with clear eyes and set the intention to grow. This is the time to recognize what actually needs to be done in order to see the shifts, healing and evolution you’ve been dreaming about set in motion. To see that dream of a better self, a better life, a better lifestyle begin to make manifest. You are the generator, you are the engine; it won’t begin until you do and the time is now.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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Full Moon in Pisces: Expanding Beyond the Ordinary


On September 6th, 2017 we experience a beautiful dissolution of boundaries and separation with the Full Moon in Pisces.
After the extraordinarily powerful, paradigm shifting total solar eclipse in Leo on August 21st this Piscean Full Moon energy is a welcome opportunity to expand beyond any residual limitations that we perceive in our physical space.
The solar eclipse in Leo was an invitation to deepen our capacity to appreciate the gift it is to be alive. To no longer take this precious human incarnation for granted and express the abundant gifts of our most authentic hearts out into the world. To play, sing, dance, create, and fall back in love with life as we witnessed our realities up level into even greater alignment.
Much of that energy was wild and expressive and about being here, now, present on earth. We were invited to explore and make the most out of our earthly forms. To turn on our “sun centers” and find the gravity that we each carry within.
Think about what you magnetized into your experience around the total eclipse on August 21st – that was a function of your inner sun gravity magnetizing relationships, opportunities and experiences that will be supportive (in one way or another) of aligning you with your path forward.
While many of us experienced profound breakthroughs and a significant increase in shocking synchronicities during and around the eclipse, many of us also entered breaking points and faced necessary releases in order to create space for precious new beginnings to unfold.
While we deeply honor the process of SELF-expression we each moved through during the recent Leonine eclipse, the Piscean energy on September 6th is coming forward to remind us of our capacity to expand BEYOND the self.
To expand beyond the physical plane.
To expand beyond the mundane and the ordinary.
To expand beyond all that is earth bound and enter the world of the metaphysical.
Here we are invited to release, surrender, and take in the greater picture. To see with clear eyes that are free of attachment; but first we must let go.  
The Pisces Full Moon is an invitation to re-engage with cosmic consciousness vs “self consciousness.”
A certain amount of self consciousness is to be expected when we were working with the Leo (solar) energy which is so deeply related to our sense of self – the “I” the “me.” And during the recent eclipse we certainly deepened our relationship with self, with our authentic “I,” in order to share that with the world. Important work! But with that, some overly “self conscious” behavior may have come forward as well.  

Pisces is the remedy.
Where Leo can overly identify with self, Pisces on the other hand is oriented toward the transcendence of the self. A beautiful balance is being offered to us here. An opportunity to have first gotten to know our healthy ego selves (with the Leo energy) and then to expand beyond the ego remembering we are not our minds, we are not our bodies.
This Piscean energy is a moderating factor coming in to make sure we don’t become too wrapped up in, or overly identified with our “little me” and while we appreciate the new experiences and shifts that have come with the eclipse we receive the reminder that we are not our story either.  

A beautiful mantra during this full moon, “I am not my mind. I am not my body.” From that place sit with and meditate upon the question, "then who am I really?"

Pisces enters the scene and says remember that while you may experience yourself as separate, separation is an illusion and you are part of an infinite whole. Everything is interconnected and while we each must play our own individual role, every move we make is part of the greater whole.
This Piscean Full Moon is such a beautiful reminder of our inherent oneness. It takes the pressure off a bit and allows us to let go and after so much “doing” we are now invited to practice the art of being, receiving, flowing for a while.
This is a great time to deepen your meditation practice, explore breath work, sound therapy, energy healing or just connect with your loved ones soul to soul instead of ego to ego.
As you allow yourself to melt into the soul level connections, aim to experience your inherent oneness with all that is. Your psychic antennae are raised right now, so close your eyes, tune in and receive the messages that are available from spirit.  
Boundaries tend to be a bit thin when Pisces is involved, so while we aim to transcend the experience of separation during this time we also want to be aware of our personal boundaries when it comes to relationship.

With Mercury going direct on September 5th just a day before this Full Moon, we have a powerful opportunity to speak our truth from a place rooted in divine Piscean love.
Here we also have the opportunity to integrate that which we have re-visited on a mental level during Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Over the past few weeks we may have seen mental patterns, processes, and conditioned ways of thinking surface that we now have an awareness of, and we can use the full moon energy to expand beyond the identification with these old ways of thinking and fully release them in order to anchor in new and more productive ways of processing information moving forward.
We tend to be quite porous energetically during Piscean times as sensitivities run on high, so be mindful that you may be taking on emotional energy from others like a sponge. Be sure to slow down, check in with yourself and create the time and space to ground in and re-center. Take some time to sit in silence and allow the waters of your consciousness to settle before acting. In this way we become clear about what is ours and what is not ours and ensure that which we choose to act upon is coming from a place of personal clarity rather then energetic invasion.
This is a beautiful time to honor the knowing that we are infinite beings living in an infinite existence. To engage deep gratitude that we have the opportunity in this lifetime to experience both the physical and the metaphysical. To witness both the mundane and the magical. To feel with our bodies and to feel with our hearts. To perceive ourselves as individuals and perceive the truth that we’ve never been alone at all…
This full moon is a wonderful opportunity to let go of anything no longer serving, while transcending the perceived limitations of the physical and the illusion of separateness through a deepening of your spiritual practice. In this way we experience the true spaciousness that has always been available at the level of spirit.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Leo: A Portal into Your Greatest Expression

On August 21st, 2017 we will collectively experience the highly anticipated New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.

In order to fully understand the implications of this Solar eclipse it is important that we review the recent Universal invitation that was extended during the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th.

Having occurred smack in the middle of two highly expressive Leo New Moons, the Aquarian Lunar eclipse asked us to check the authenticity of that expression.

It was a moment to take pause and ensure that we are aligned with our truest selves vs a self that has been shaped by social expectation and conditioning.  

A moment to stop and ensure that the words we speak are words of truth rather then words that have been tempered in order to receive acceptance and validation.

A moment to hone in on our long term vision and ensure that the steps we take along the way are based on who we actually are rather then who we have learned that the culture, family and friends want us to be.

It was a moment of intermission. An authenticity checkpoint, before the upcoming “big show” during the solar eclipse on August 21st. 

The total solar eclipse occurs when the moon crosses directly between the sun and the earth in an alignment so precise that it completely blocks out the light of the life giving sun from our point of view down here on earth. 

This may sound somewhat doomsday in its shadow interpretation (and the energy may be experienced in that way by some) but it certainly doesn’t have to manifest in our lives in its shadow form! The way these energies collapse into physical form is a function of our conscious choices in relationship to the energies at play. The more deeply we understand the energetic potentials, the more powerfully we can make the choices that optimize those potentials in our lives.

Let’s take a deeper cut…

Famously in Astrology we say “As above, so below.” Above, the sun is the center of the solar system, everything revolves around it. The sun is the battery that keeps the party down here rolling. The generator of light, heat and pure life force energy.

The light of the sun literally keeps all sentient beings alive. So its no shock that it can feel scary on a primal level to witness the all powerful light of the sun dimming away completely right before our eyes.  Something instinctual inside of us recognizes that forces much grander are at play here in this game called life and in that momentary darkness we feel our own fragility, our own mortality.

During the eclipse, that light which literally keeps us alive, sane, vital, growing…will go dark. This is powerfully symbolic when we think about how that phenomena “above” will affect us all down here “below.”

Where in your world do you encounter forces that eclipse YOUR light? How have you played a role in allowing this to happen?

Are there activities, behaviors, thought patterns, or choices you’ve been making that might be feeding into the experience of your energy being drained?  

Where have you kept your own “shadow” repressed, hidden, dark and where do you see that shadow being reflected to you in your outer experience? This is a good time to take a conscious look and begin to own and integrate it.

Just as it becomes hard to see when the light of the sun goes dim, where has it become hard to see the road forward in your own life? What situations, people or experiences have been feeding into this distraction or loss of vision?

There are some things we don’t appreciate until they are gone and this is a moment to deepen in our appreciation of our own light and the power it has to heal, strengthen and generate life in the world.

So, where have you been hiding your own light, your expression, your own true life force energy for fear of being judged or perhaps eclipsed by another?

This is a Universal invitation to observe where our vital life force energies are being drained, and discover the subsequent opportunities to remedy those situations and recapture that which “lights us up” and that which floods us with vitality and energy. 

For some, this process will be smooth and clear as day. For others, there may be a need to first go through the dark night (in the middle of the day) in order to experience the contrast and re-emerge back into the light with a new level of ownership of the shadow.

When it comes to this precious gift of life, this is Mother Nature’s way of saying use it or lose it! This light. This life. Is not something to mess around with or take for granted. Here the Universe is giving us a not so subtle reminder of what can happen when our light is eclipsed, taken away, drained…And of how fragile life can actually be. That it can all go dark in an instant.

The fact that this solar eclipse is in Leo (the second Leo new moon in a row) is highly significant! Leo is the energy that reminds us to LIVE FULLY and take nothing for granted! To ENJOY LIFE and drink in every last ounce. To be present with and appreciate what is.

In remembering that life is fragile and all things are temporary, Leo brings us more fully into the present moment where all the magic synchronicity and bliss await. Leo invites us into joy, bliss, pleasure and fun. It asks us to become re-enchanted and fall back in love with life!

The Leo Solar Eclipse is a deep and precious reminder of the simultaneous fragility and fullness of life. An invitation to reveal every ounce of ourselves, dance fully, share fully, love freely, play unabashedly, harness our inner children and giggle until it hurts simply because we are alive.

The Leonine evolutionary lesson is so much about knowing and then freely sharing the abundant blessings of our truest hearts out into the world. Here we display the magnificent array of our full peacock colors, and in being witnessed, adored, and loved for the courage it took to reveal ourselves in this authentic way (thank you Aquarian intermission!) we are supported in stepping forward, sharing our gifts and fully embodying our radiance in this lifetime.

We are being invited to risk being seen in our fullness. The act of expressing and being received for the free, uninhibited, fullness that exists inside us all is exactly the mechanism that will flood light into the seemingly “eclipsed” territories of our consciousness and revitalize our way of being in the world.

By discovering and fully expressing ourselves and our creative gifts we move into a way of being that is aligned, optimized, self honoring and focused. A way of being that will magnetize that which serves us straight into our field – just as the sun has gravity, so too do we when we operate from this place of being fully expressed and shining our light just as the sun shines its own.

In successfully navigating this solar eclipse (including the releases and new beginnings that are likely to be involved) we find the access point to the solar energy within that is at the ready to revitalize, reinvigorate and reignite our spirits at any time. To give us new life at any time. So, face what comes, own the shadow, and know that your internal sunlight stands at the ready to support you in navigating through anything.

It is there to give you life. To give you light. You are the sun center of your world and the time has come to use that light to penetrate outdated and limiting illusions and powerfully share your own personal brand of solar magic with all who cross your path.

In igniting our inner light through creative expression, play and uninhibited blissful presence we learn that we can recover from anything. We learn that we have our own generator of vitality, of solar energy, of light, that exists within; and that we can access it at any time. We learn that no matter what occurs in our external, no matter what may attempt to eclipse or stifle our light, that at the core we are free, we are vital and we are here to shine.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Expression Revolution

On August 7th, 2017 we have a massive opportunity to revolutionize the way we express our hearts with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.

This Aquarian Lunar Eclipse enters the scene on the tail of the recent New Moon in Leo which will be followed by a second, and even more “amp’d up” New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21st.

The Aquarian eclipse energy on August 7th serves as a modifying factor as it relates to all the expressive, attention hungry Leo energy that has appropriately taken “center stage” as of late with the sun continuing to cruise through Leo alongside the fierce warrior energy of Mars. 

Leo has been inviting us to rediscover and reignite our own inner light through creativity, play, self-expression and joy. An invitation to become re-enchanted with life and fall more deeply in love with ourselves as we see ourselves through the eyes of those who recognize, accept and celebrate us for exactly who we are! Yet, in order to be celebrated, we must first allow ourselves to actually be seen. A scary prospect for many!

While Leo is so much about creative expression, it is more deeply about gaining the courage necessary to unabashedly share that which you are, and that which you create (in any form) with the world. This is about finding the courage to be witnessed. To be bold. To take creative risks and get curious about how we might each leave something in the world to be remembered for after we are gone.

Here we recognize that we have each carried unique gifts into this lifetime and the Leo energy is the impetus that compels us to step into our great reveal! To shower, share and express our gifts out in the world; but in order to do so, we must drop our camouflage.

The high vibration of Leo finds deep soul-level value in taking the risk of vulnerably sharing all corners of it’s beautiful heart on the stage of life and being recognized, even admired, for doing exactly that.

To express in this way, holding nothing back, and allowing oneself to truly be seen is admirable and nothing short of courageous! From that place, we recognize that many of us might appreciate a “dress rehearsal” before being ready to risk taking “center stage” in that way… and, the Leo New Moon on July 23rd was exactly that; a dress rehearsal getting us prepped for the second hit of Leo New Moon [plus Solar eclipse] energy heading for us on August 21st (and the Aquarian Lunar eclipse on August 7th serves as an intermission in between – a time for recalibration and release before the big show.)

Here it becomes important that we look at a primary shadow element of Leo, which is the desire for acceptance; acceptance above authenticity. Fitting in above truth. Receiving love and appreciation above taking risks that could result in being labeled “weird” or outcast. Leo [in it’s shadow] may dim its light in order to preserve acceptance and never risk being labeled “outsider.” So, during this month, aim for full AUTHENTIC expression and be very mindful that the Leonine desire for acceptance doesn’t “tint” your way of being just to blend in with the colors of those around you rather than finding YOUR OWN true color pallet.

The Aquarian Lunar Eclipse on August 7th is the perfect blast of energetic support in finding that true pallet – an authenticity checkpoint smack in the middle of the two Leo New Moons. Post dress rehearsal, we step into an Aquarian self-honoring intermission. A moment to reorient so that the version of ourselves that comes forward during the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 21st is the self that is most aligned with truth. The self that doesn’t care about other people’s opinions over its own. The self that cares not about how “strange” it’s behavior may seem as long as it is being true to its own heart. The self that overflows with magnetism, grace, vision and wit.

It is perfect divine timing that this Aquarian eclipse is the middle point between the two Leo new moons. The first Leo New Moon a “dress rehearsal” giving us the opportunity to recognize the precious opening that can occur when we are willing to be vulnerable and reveal ourselves on the stage of our lives – and then the Aquarian Full Moon energy coming in as if to say “check yourself!”

Where could your expression be even more authentic?

Where could your inner rule breaker come out a little more?

Have you ever been told “you have to stay inside the lines” or that “you’re too much” by authority figures and how has that mitigated, altered, or shrunk down the largeness of you?

Are there parts inside that you’ve kept hidden, protected?

This powerful "intermission" is the preparatory period to gear up and release what has been weighing us down in order to bring our whole radiant being forward during the roaring Solar Eclipse on August 21st!

With the Aquarian energy we also have the opportunity to refine our long-term vision. To take inventory of our lives from an objective perspective and survey what kind of future we would like to create.

How can our refined expression support the creation of that long term vision?

How can that which you share from the depths of your heart be in service to humanity as a whole?

Some people reveal their hearts through jokes, performance, dance, poetry, art, athletics, photography or writing. Some reveal their hearts through deep loving soul work with clients, friends, or family. Some reveal their hearts through the way they choose to dress, the colors they wear, the stories they tell, acts of service or the way their energy brightens up a space just by entering it.

During this time become aware of how YOU share yourself and most importantly with Aquarius, how authentic has that sharing been?

The often rebellious, paradigm busting energy of Aquarius is inviting us to modify, update and authenticate ourselves so that when the Leo Solar Eclipse arrives at the end of the month we are ready to shine in full peacock colors and truly leave all of ourselves out there for the world to see.

So, above all else during this time release concern about social expectation, peel back and release stagnant layers of conditioning, and face any residual fears of judgment so that you may boldly enter a space of true freedom where your open heart reigns supreme and beats with the readiness to flood this world with your own special brand of unique Lion hearted loving!

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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Full Moon in Capricorn: The Oak in the Flood

On July 8th 2017 we collectively aim for deep soul cleansing followed by visionary stabilization with the Full Moon in Capricorn.
After navigating the recent New Moon in Cancer, which invited us to engage with deeper levels of gentleness and self-nurturance, it is now time for us to re-engage our inner authority, toughen up and lay our eyes on the prize once again.
Capricorn, represented by the archetype of the Great Father, teaches us to commit, take full responsibility for our actions and aim for great achievement. Here we think deeply about what we may be able to contribute to the world in service of humanity as a whole.

The great work we point to here is not something that can be accomplished in an instant. These things take time, patience and determination to achieve; which are exactly the gifts of this Saturn ruled sign. So, what are you aiming to contribute in this world? What lights you up so much that it will be no problem to sustain a concerted effort to accomplish it, one foot in front of the other, for as long as it takes?
The pulse of Capricorn energy presented during this full moon is an invitation to more fully integrate the qualities required to achieve the level of mastery that will collapse your long-term dream into reality on the physical plane.

We aim to clarify our long term vision during this time but first we must continue the deep dive into the labyrinth of our psyche; for missions of this degree can not be accomplished if our spirits are being anchored down by the anvils of unresolved issues that are still hiding in the corners of our subconscious.
Enter Pluto, the lord of the Underworld, which is closely conjunct this Capricorn Full Moon (and also part of a T-square between the sun/mars conjunction that opposes the moon and Jupiter in Libra squaring it) This Plutonian influence infuses a quality of the deeply psychological to this lunar energy; of the mysterious, the taboo, of the dark and edgy territories we don’t always want to look at, yet in order to truly maximize this energy, we must.  
The shadowy territories of the deep psyche are available for access now, bubbling up from your subconscious through your heart space. If you feel a certain heaviness, strong emotion of any kind, or unexplained intensity during the days surrounding the Full Moon, these are invitations to take a closer look within and try to find the root.
What are the thoughts that are behind the feelings?
Are there places inside your consciousness that you have been repressing?
Are there unresolved issues or traumas within that may be serving as energy drains?
Are you bumping up against a certain set of triggers in your external that are pulling up your “stuff?”
What is being shown to you about how you relate to yourself when sticky relationship situations are present?

How can you go about facing and releasing these issues?
Capricorn is usually oriented toward the outer world and the work we do there, but in order to be truly effective in that space, we have to focus first on the inner space. Remember, it takes energy to keep issues repressed, energy that could be redirected in service of your mission in the world. This is a beautiful opportunity to feel into your deep psyche and commit to doing the work (in true Capricorn fashion) to face, resolve and release the unresolved material that Pluto is giving you access to so that the energy can be freed up and channeled towards your mission in the outer world instead.
If you dare to do this deep internal dive, you’ll find that you come out on the other side with more energy and a greater capacity to receive divine inspiration in service of the creative engine that will drive your mission forward in the long term.

No matter what comes forward, with Capricorn involved, you’ll find an inner strength and resolve that can move mountains. You are the solid oak tree that is stable and rooted, able to withstand any flood [of emotion] and come out on the other side the savior upon which all others can climb to find solace and fresh air once again.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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