Full Moon in Taurus: Grounding in a Relational Shockwave


On October 24th we collectively lean into the gratefully grounding energy of the Full Moon in Taurus. 

A welcome invitation to reconnect to that which brings us peace. 

Moving from the complicated to the simple. 

From the stories of the past to the divinity in the now. 

Anchoring ourselves through the wisdom of the body. 

And the steadiness of the breath. 

Through the mirror of relationship we see ourselves more clearly and arrive to an upgraded way of being through honest reflection.

And we find peace in the pain.

Stability in the shock.

And remember ourselves as truly sovereign creators of everything in our experience.

With that, we breathe deep, and allow our spiritual paths to unfold with easeful progress.

And in consciously re-engaging with the slow and organic pace of the natural world we remember it is safe to be here. 

Safe to be in form.

Safe to be embodied.

Letting go of the rush. We release the urgency that forces us ahead of where we actually are.

Instead, we allow our own natural pace and find our way back into a state of trust.

Trust, that life, even when it is hard, will find a way of coming back into balance. Especially so when we consciously engage the Taurean high ground, as is the invitation here.

Stoicism, patience, presence and flow are friendly allies.

While this lunar signature is an invitation toward calm, the moon is making some challenging aspects that we must navigate in order to come out into the wild open spaciousness that we are aiming for. 

The Full Moon joins “out of left field” shocker Uranus, while also opposing Taurus’ ruling planet, Venus (who is in her intense scorpionic retrograde cycle.)

We can expect to see an upswell of unresolved, and perhaps unexpected, relational material coming to the surface.  

Try not to resist changes that may surface during this time. Instead get curious. What is being shown to me here?

Life presenting us with the exact relational triggers to show where we may still be allowing  ourselves to move into a disempowered state.

Giving our power away in favor of “keeping the peace…”

In favor of making others happy…

Out of fear of being alone...

Or, even further, of TRULY being together...

In union.

One with each other, and with all of it.

Which means complete transparency. A state that is not always easy and can certainly evoke fear as we make that which was “safely unknown” suddenly known. 

The hidden, revealed. Clear as day.

Venus represents the way we relate. To ourselves, to each other and to all of life. 

She serves up an invitation to look at life as a mirror, and when in retrograde we are being faced with the distorted reflections we may have conveniently skipped over on her first pass. 

Distortion? Me? No… 

What is your life reflecting to you during this time? The bright light of this full moon serves as a highlighter. 

Not to stimulate shame (please don’t be hard on yourself) but rather to create awareness. For us to become conscious of our relational shadows. 

So we ask, where could you create more balance and harmony in your relationships without falling into patterns of codependency? 

Are there areas where you are being sucked into or drained by other peoples experiences? 

Taking over responsibility? Or under? 

This is about taking a sobering glance in service of coming into balance.

From a place of truth and sovereignty. 

With the tools of steady clear eyed Taurus to light the lunar way. 

Harmony as the aim. 

Everything to gain. 

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Embrace Your Wild Everything


On July 27th, 2018 we collectively jolt to attention beneath the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. 

Aquarius ruled by planet Uranus, the lord of lightning bolts and earthquakes. This energy is electric. Sometimes shocking. Stay close to the earth in case you need to ground, as we are collectively asked to expect the unexpected and remain at the ready for events that will catalyze full system upgrades. 

In a flash, previously unseen new potentialities reveal themselves. 

This energy comes on the heels of the recent New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer which opposed Pluto, lord of death. Gratefully the Cancerian great mother offered the healing tools of compassion, acceptance and unconditional love to hold close before entering the Plutonian underworld - the space within where our inner dragons (wounds) reside.

And we have been facing off, compassion in hand, with those shadowy places. 

Triggers galore. Clearing. Releasing of density that had kept us unconscious. 

Emerging now, after this emotional catharsis, with deeper resolve, self awareness and confidence then ever before. 

Still breathing. 



Tender still... yet having stripped much of our unconscious fear away we are at the ready for the next phase of our journey.

A phase being stewarded by July 27th’s Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. 

The portal into the future now. 

The portal into the reality we envision for ourselves and humanity. This Aquarian energy encourages us to see with the vision of a futurist, a genius, a rebel. 

With Warrior God Mars in close conjunction, this requires courage, fierceness. The willingness to face perceived structural, relational and social opposition without flinching. 

To witness seemingly "set" convention and social norms and still be willing to do what it takes to build a new way forward, to create change and movement a la Joan of Arc or Nelson Mandela. 

In order to create a future that transcends the current “norms” in our experience, we must become comfortable with letting go of certainty in favor of innovation. 

Letting go of control in favor of liberated creation. 

Letting go of the known in favor of the unknown, the space where true possibility and potentiality exist. 

So, dare to embrace your vision. AND the uncertainty that surrounds it. 

Embrace the is-ness of your experience. If an earthquake is a rockin, trust that it is only serving to shake up that which has been “shake up able,” fallible, loose in the first place (and would have inevitably caused a landslide later) Trust that when the dust settles, the foundation will be sturdier because all that was meant to fall away has been released. 

The Leo sun compels us into expression but it's not just THAT we express, its that we express authentically, free of filters. Free of the need for approval and the modifiers that “need” births. 

Authenticity checkpoint. 

The irony is that the more we risk being our true selves and face the fear of ridicule, the more we will be truly received and celebrated. A reflection of the fact that we are actually receiving and celebrating ourselves. 

Conversely, when we unconsciously moderate ourselves in the hope for approval, even if we receive the approval and "tribe safety" we will still sense something missing or "off" ... for it's only when we express freely and fully AND THEN are seen affirmed and loved that the trust is built and the heart can receive what its actually been looking for. 

So ask yourself. 

Are you truly FREELY expressed? 

Are you sharing beyond the confines of social expectation and that which you know, with certainty, will be received well by the other? 

Any space where we are over attached to “certainty” will be highlighted here. The attachment and the “need to know” actually serve to repel our desires. So, the opportunity here to clear the fear of the unknown, is powerful medicine which will ultimately support our ability to receive what we truly desire without attachment in the long term.

These energetics are about building a better tomorrow, and releasing anything in the way of doing that. So, we ask, how can we build a better tomorrow if we are BEING the old "safety attached, certainty holding, approval seeking" self? 

We can't.

Time for evolution. Innovation. Growth. Release. Upgrades. Change.

This lunar cycle invites us into our future selves. The self that is bold like the Leo king. Visionary like the aquarian moon and willing to RISK true creative expression from the boundless nature of our most authentic beingness: this is the type of energy under which geniuses are born. New leaders emerge. Way showers shine. 

So here we are at another breakthrough point, standing between worlds. Between the old paradigm and the new tomorrow. Eyes on the new earth waiting to be cultivated by those bold enough to follow their hearts knowing beyond the lines drawn by conventional, “normal”, standard, safe and surely "acceptable" ways of being. 

Change is not built upon sameness and safety. It's built upon radical willingness to be different. To push boundaries. To rock the illusion that any reality is fixed. 

So, embrace your wild, weird, visionary, rule breaking, self and root into the truth that the ownership and willingness to be different, is the foundation upon which we will build the future.


Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer


On July 12th, 2018 we experience a collective immersion into the watery depths of the subconscious with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. 

This super charged coming together of the Sun and the Moon sees Pluto, the lord of the underworld, standing in strong opposition. 

Where the Sun/Moon in Cancer would normally lend themselves toward gentleness, compassion, self love, and tenderness, here we see Pluto intensifying this already emotionally sensitive territory. 

Cancer serves as the invitation of the healer to dive within. As we stand at the unlocking gates of our greatest wound, the Cancer energy of the great mother first swoops in and says…

“Before you enter, check in. Let me offer you the tools of the divine healer. The unique medicine your soul has been calling for. So that you do not go into the dark, in the dark.” 

So, here we receive. 

We allow ourselves to feel fully. And we receive the Cancerian gift of unconditional love, unconditional understanding, and unconditional acceptance. 

With these tools in our belt, we step over that wounded edge into the Plutonian territory.  

The territory of the wound. 

The shadow. 

The judgements and fears. 

The “monsters” of our past we’d rather not look at. 

The elephants in the living room of our psyche. 

Here we stand, volume all the way turned up on our ability to feel. To sense where the edge of our expansion lives. 

To confront, embrace and see with clear eyes the self that has been born of past wounding.

The self that mis-trusts. 


Mis-believes it has to protect. 

The self that holds us into outdated, protective, controlling ways of being and is now ready to be witnessed into its own death.

A process of letting go through awareness. 

Opening the gateway for resurrection. 

Pluto, the great purifier.  Serving to clear the distortions that hold us back from creating the lives and relationships we truly desire. 

Pluto, compelling us to look into the deepest corners of our inner world and see the things we may not want to see. 

To dance with the dragons of our past and discover the romance in the myth. 

To understand more deeply how and why we have limited ourselves. Where are we operating within filters born of trauma or conditioning. 

This solar eclipse represents a gateway, a transformational portal. Into a resurrection. A rebirth.

Lighting the way towards a greater tomorrow. 

A tomorrow filled with trust.

And lead by the language of our Lunar heart. 

The heart that knows vulnerability, truth and love are the only protection we will ever need. 

A tomorrow laced with the frequency of freedom. 

Here we are given the opportunity to deepen intimacy within ourselves and in turn our most important relationships. Allowing the whole of ourselves to come forward, to be embraced. 

And, in order to truly embrace ourselves, we must truly see ourselves - with clear lenses. This solar eclipse represents the lens clearing process, the lasic eye surgery that enables us to see ourselves with more accuracy and clarity then ever before. 

To see the world we are creating with true vision. 

So, open your eyes. Feel with your heart. What do you see? 

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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New Moon in Pisces: Remembering Ourselves as Whole


On March 17th, 2018 we collectively experience the unifying energy of the New Moon in Pisces.

This moon approaches on the heels of the Full Moon in Virgo, which reminded us that, while spending time in a transcendent space is important, we must remember to come back down to earth and ground our “spiritual vision” into physical form.

We must do the work necessary to bring the will of God into form.

Virgo highlighted the practical, tangible, steps necessary in order to see our vision made manifest.

The task of “making spiritual insight visible” is no small feat; and with that we are likely to meet a few bumps in the road. We are likely to notice spaces in which the vastness of our vision seems a size too big to fit inside our already manifest reality.

In these moments, the Virgo shadow could present itself in the form of self-doubt. The trap is that we allow a mere “bump in the road” to divert our original intention, a function of underestimation of self. An underestimation of our true capacity as infinite creators.

The remedy is awareness.

The awareness that if we are able to envision something, we are equally capable of creating it.

The awareness that the nature of our existence itself is proof that we can bring the miracle of spirit into form. We ARE already the living miracle. We ARE spirit in form.

The awareness that self doubt is a temporary state and it need not define our course of action (or lack thereof).

How divinely timed the energy of the New Moon in Pisces is. Enter the pure energy of spirit. Of Divinity. Soaring in on the 17th to offer a sense of greater expansion, a sense of relief from any perceived “limitation” of form we may have experienced.

To remind us of our divine nature and that we are not, and have never been separate from our vision.

Any perception of separation comes from a frequency variance. As Einstein famously stated, “match the frequency of the reality you want to create and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

“Remember yourself as infinite, boundless, formless. A vibrational match to anything you desire,” says Pisces. And your spiritual vision will come to manifest.

The Piscean New Moon reminds us of our capacity to stand in ourselves as God. To know ourselves as creator…

From contraction and limitation comes release and expansion. Pisces the unifier, the activator of our psychic receivers, the arrow pointing toward our freedom. The only precursor. Surrender.  

Surrender being the name of the game here, we may find ourselves in circumstances that require it.

Circumstances that are present only to serve as necessary surrender teachers. These teachers could come in the form of relationship pushing your edges, work or financial pressure, uncertainty in living situations, physical health, an insane traffic jam etc…no matter the form, it is all calling us forward into a deepening of our capacity to surrender.

A deepening of our comfort with uncertainty. A deepening in our ability to trust in the divine unfolding of it all.

From this space of surrender, we receive.

From this space of surrender, we create space for synchronicity and spirit to flow.

From this space of surrender, we see the will of God made manifest in our reality.

From this space, we remember ourselves as connected, whole, one with all there is. One with all of our desires with nothing to do but BE infinite.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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Full Moon in Virgo: Heaven on Earth


Today we have the opportunity to integrate divine insight into physical expression with the earthbound energy of the Full Moon in Virgo.

With the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron all cruising through the ethereal and spiritually connected sign of Pisces, this Full Moon is a reminder that, while the air is spacious and expansive UP in the “heavenly clouds,” it is also important to take that which we receive from that divinely inspired place and ground it into an expression that is tangible and useful on the earth plane. An expression that can serve humanity in a meaningful way.

With this much Piscean energy, there can be a shadow side effect of emotional or energetic overwhelm. Flooded with it, some may go into a space of confusion, delusion or dissociation. So, be sure to take care of yourself spiritually during this time.

Take time for silence, meditation, nature and contemplation. Move your body and get clear about what is yours and what is not yours energetically so that you can navigate the intensity while keeping your antennae clear and primed to receive.

From that place of clarity and internal stillness, take pause to notice what you have been receiving – energetically, emotionally, and intuitively as offered by the Piscean energy. Then, heed Virgo’s invitation to come back “down to earth” and into the remembrance that you chose to incarnate into a physical body in order to translate “spirit into flesh” and to be a clear channel that supports “Gods will being done on earth as it is in heaven” through your own unique expression.

Here we are invited to remember, that which is divinely orchestrated in our concept of “heaven” can also be seen on earth. In this lifetime. Our only task: CHOOSE to make it so.

We are not here to dance with the divine in spirit only, with “no thing” to show for it down on earth. We are here to bring heaven TO earth. To bring divinity into form. To see miracles made manifest.

It is time.

And, WE are the cosmic creators primed and ready to facilitate that potentiality into reality. As above, so below, the cosmos indicate its time for that heavenly show.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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New Moon in Aquarius: A Royal Road To Freedom


On February 15th we collectively experience the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.

This lunar phenomenon follows the recent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, which activated our ability to express fully and let our light shine bright for the entire world to see.

We were called to back up our big dreams with action…

To celebrate the light of our own hearts without inhibition...

To play, to share, to be witnessed…

To deepen into uncharted layers of intimacy that can only be cultivated inside the willingness to allow oneself to be transparently seen.

After this pulse of creative energy, which served as a momentum generator in pushing our 2018 goals forward into the realm of manifestation, we are presented with the Aquarian New Moon, a radical authenticity checkpoint.

Here we check the authenticity of our voice.

We check the authenticity of our relationships.

We check the authenticity of the thoughts we think, the beliefs we hold and the actions we choose to take.

We notice where our behaviors and choices may be affected by cultural, familial and social conditioning, and with attention we receive the opportunity to break through these layers and emerge freer then ever before.

Dare to remember yourself as sovereign.

Dare to be different.

Dare to BE the lightning bolt that awakens those around you to the highest potential they have yet to see.

And, above all else, honor yourself and your own truth.

Aquarian energy calls us forward into the expression of our truest selves. Which, at times, means we must embody the archetype of the rebel. Rebelling against structures and relationships that barricade us into outdated patterns or ways of being. Begging the questions:

“How TRUE TO YOU has your expression really been?”

“Have you modified the way you show up in the world in service of the desire to be accepted?”

“Have you been willing to step outside the lines, push through edges, and own your truth even when it runs counter to the beliefs of those around you?”

With Mercury in a close conjunction, there are messages hidden here within our sacred conversations. See all those around you as harbingers of divine messages that could powerfully inform your journey forward.

Keep eyes out for synchronicities and breadcrumbs being left by the Universe pointing toward next steps unseen. Messages come in so many forms and here we have an opportunity to open our perception enough to notice these unexpected revelations.

Unexpected revelations that could shake up the framework of your reality to such a degree that you are presented with a doorway into an entirely new paradigm and way of being.

A road never noticed before, fraught with unseen potential.

A road that will require the radical truth of a fully embodied sovereign being who is willing to radically reinvent and fully honor oneself while being THE ONE ferociously dancing to their own beat until inevitably all the others catch on to your rhythm.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo: All In With Aligned Action


On January 31st, 2018 we collectively experience a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Also a blood moon (which refers to the reddish looking shadow that the earth casts upon the moon during a total eclipse) and a “blue moon” (which references the fact that this is the second Full Moon in the month of January) this lunar cycle is particularly power packed.

This rare lunar phenomenon comes on the heels of the January 16th New Moon in Capricorn that tasked us with strategizing and anchoring our vision for 2018. We were invited to clarify our personal commitments and agreements for this year.

What are we aiming to accomplish? And, how do we intend to show up for ourselves most fully in support of living into that high vision?

Whether your focus is on mission, family, or calling in more play and flow, the aim during the Capricorn time was to commit to your process and do the work required to consistently and powerfully choose that which is in alignment with your highest creative intention.

Now that the Capricorn strategy session has passed, it is time to apply action, own your light and allow yourself to be seen – vulnerable, raw and real - in pursuit of the creation of that high vision. With Leo we aim to create momentum and forward motion around the goals that came forward in the first couple weeks of the year.

We own our power as true co-creative forces in-cahoots with the infinite potential that is the matrix of this reality.

This powerful Leonine Lunar Eclipse is conjunct Venus (the Goddess of love) and the South Node, injecting opportunity for Karmic surfacing and clearing during this time. 

Leo invites us to shine bright, create, express and allow ourselves to be fully seen. There’s no time here for hiding or lack of ownership of your intentions for the year. This Full Moon asks us to powerfully step up to the plate and yell from the rooftops…

“I am here and I will not hide!”

“This is what I am choosing to create this year! AND here is how you can support me in this process.” 

“These are my gifts and this is what it looks like when I open heartedly share them.”

“I am worthy, I am valuable, I am a force of nature in this world. Let me light up your life (and here’s how I intend to do it)”

“I claim more play, ecstasy, pleasure, joy, flow, laughter, happiness and fun!” (because I CAN… and it’s important to remember how incredible and precious this life really is)

“I inspire with my divine light and I’m willing to love with my whole heart and risk being fully seen.”

While some of this sounds fairly light, there is an element of intensity and amplification that comes with eclipse energy, and that intensity is compounded by the south node being in the mix.

Keep your eyes open for Karmic patterns emerging during this time of an Aquarian/Leo flavor. These patterns are presenting themselves for clearing – that is, if you are able to remain aware and recognize them. If not, they go on repeating...

Be cognizant of unresolved fears surfacing having to do with the themes of TRULY being seen, vulnerability, imbalanced relationship dynamics (remember, Venus in the mix too) issues around authenticity, self betrayal in service of “fitting in” and any resistances around the willingness to take fire born action without hesitation.

Here we speak to REALLY getting in the game, both feet in, with no safety net.

So, where have you been playing it safe?

Where have you been allowing your friends, family and romantic partners to THINK they’re seeing you, while still withholding your deeper truths?

What have you been dreaming of, but have yet to claim openly, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT!”

Vulnerable isn’t it?

Leo is about vulnerability. About sharing, and risking expressing fully who you are and what you’ve come here to do. It’s vulnerable to claim something while being unsure if it will happen or not. Well, it’s time to go there.

Dare to vision.

Dare to own your desires.

Dare to act on the creation of them.

Dare to BE your purpose.

Dare to sing, paint, create, channel, tell a joke, share a story, book that plane ticket, take that trip…say I love you.  

Dare to go all in, like the Leo King, and roar your truest roar for ALL to witness as you CREATE a momentum so powerful that your 2018 vision makes manifest with a speed so swift you'll soon forget it was once but a dream. 

We can exist as a piece of creation, or as the source of creation. This is the choice we need to exercise.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

Cosmic Catalyst: A 10 Month Astrological Self Development Program is now sold out but based on demand I am opening a second class. If you are interested in this evolutionary program, please reach out to megan@meganzimring.com 



Super Full Moon in Cancer: A Heart Centered Beginning


On January 1st, 2018 we anchor our new years intentions with the Super Full Moon in Cancer.

The last months cycle brought with it opportunity to redefine our story.  

We emerged from the Scorpionic death and rebirth cycle anew with early Decembers Super Full Moon in Gemini. Reborn with the energy of the youth, the student - beginners mind ready to absorb information in new ways. Liberated, we were primed to expand, stretch and perceive the world through fresh lenses with the curious vigor of youth.

We then went through a process of maturation from the youthful energy of Gemini into mid Decembers New Moon in Sagittarius which invited a shift from the “scattered” energy of Gemini – the child excited to try everything – into the rooted energy of the Philosopher who knows truth. The knower who has aggregated the varied array of “Gemini” experience into one overarching and meaningful system of belief.

We have been doing a lot of growing over this past month.

Healing with Scorpio.

Stretching with Gemini.

Clarifying our beliefs and values with Sagittarius.

And now, we enter the realm of Cancer...  

A time for softening.

Having matured, we are now able to look retrospectively at our progress. Aware of the “follies of our youth” we enter a time for self forgiveness.

A time for compassion and kindness.

With Venus in Capricorn opposing this moon, we are invited to allow others to support us with their loving reflection. To be held. To be seen.

To recognize others as mirrors reminding us that, while it is important to seek within, there is also mastery, mission and meaning available in the big outer world. That we are to find the balance.

We are invited to apply the Cancer medicine in service of forgiving past hurts.

To start the New Year free of the chains of resentment.

To complete our recent process with the healing medicine of the heart.

Cancer, the energy of the Great Mother calling us home to ourselves. Beckoning us to take pause for self-nurture.

Beckoning us to be gentle; to take time and integrate this lesson filled season of growth and maturation. For, if we fail to take the time to care for ourselves through this processes of expansion, rewiring and up leveling our systems run the risk of getting fried.

Slow down enough to notice… are you experiencing any growing pains?

Are there withdrawals or kickbacks of old patterns re-emerging?

Does your upgraded self still have a hankering for the old way?

The old way of being, eating, speaking, thinking, reacting?

In a state of still presence, without judgment, notice what comes up in your body in those moments. Notice when the weeds of the old way are trying to find growth once more.

In the same way people experience Phantom limbs after an amputation, it’s possible for us to experience Phantom behavior patterns after the dissolution of the wounds that made up their roots. The healing has already occurred, there is no longer a real place for these patterns to take hold, their continued existence is only a function of our making it so out of habit.

This is an opportunity to heal these Phantom behaviors of the past.

Instead of adding water to these Phantoms in the form of energy, attention, and judgment, send Cancerian love, compassion and forgiveness to those places while remaining conscious in a state of non reactive presence. Focus on whom it is that you have grown into. Celebrate the person you have become in order to fully embody and live into your new way of being in 2018.

Cancer, being the first of the water signs deepens our ability to feel and engage with our inner world. Use this energy well by creating a solid container to safely feel all that is present. Use the feeling energy to become familiar with the emotional states that you do not intend to carry forward into the New Year, residue of the past, and fully release. Let go. Burn it away for a clean slate into 2018.

Focus on your highest vision for the year. While visioning your future self actualizing this intention use the Cancerian emotional power to feel as you would feel when your future life is happening.

Embody your future self now.

Feel as your future self now.

Act as your future self now.

You are your future, living wholly, right now.

It’s just about the feeling. When it comes to Cancer, the healing, the integration, the alignment with your best life happens through the feeling.

So, let go of the trappings of the mind and engage with the wisdom of your heart while feeling your way into the New Year as the Great Mother whispers truth in your ear... 

“you are loved."

“you are seen.”

“I’m so proud of you.”

“you are safe.”

“you are right on time.”

 “Its going to be even better then you imagined. I promse.” 

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

Cosmic Catalyst: A 10 Month Astrological Self Development Program is now sold out but based on demand I am considering opening a second class. If you are interested in this evolutionary program, please reach out to megan@meganzimring.com 

Full Moon in Gemini: Full System Upgrade


On December 3rd, 2017 we refine our stories and cleanse the lens through which we see the world with the Super Full Moon in Gemini.

This Gemini full moon comes to us on the tail of the recent New Moon in Scorpio, which served to surface shadow material for clearing.

Scorpio called us to heal the unresolved material within and learn to accept the hidden dimensions of our psyche.

With Scorpio, we moved through a Phoenician process, a soul serving catharsis in the fire of transformation. We had the opportunity to receive being altering, spiritual education that can only be obtained through sacred fire.

Sacred sexual. Sacred contracts. Sacred magic. Sacred wounding.

The sacred process of death and rebirth.

We discovered the parts of ourselves that needed to die so that the greater truth of our essence could be born.

After being cracked wide open in this way, we are ready to receive and embody the core messages of our souls.

Enter Gemini.

The Full Moon lighting up our readiness to receive ourselves. Our newly rebirthed selves. Lighting up our readiness to change. Inviting us to let go of the need to know and instead embrace the uncertainty of it all; knowing only that we must be gentle.

We realize that having just been reborn through this Phoenician catharsis, we are like young children learning to walk again.

Learning to drive our physical vehicles once more… having burned down the old automatic model (during the Scorpio time) and rising up again with a brand new supercharged racecar of a being… with a stick shift.

Zoom. Zoom.

A new car… supercharged (a new way of being…supercharged) that we haven’t yet learned to master can be scary. It can seem treacherous, wobbly, like we might lose control.

The road forward? Learn. And fast. Gemini’s expertise.

Gemini. The master absorber of new information. The versatile navigator of uncharted territory. The one who finds clarity in the tumult.

The thirst for knowledge, peace with change and the energy of the student are the medicines of the moment.

Here we aim to be kind with ourselves, and take meticulous care of our newly upgraded vehicles, engaging with the world with beginners mind. Soaking up information through our rebirthed lenses. Lenses free from fog born of repressed material that had been causing muddied perception. With that material cleared (assuming we aced the scorpionic energy) we are gifted with a quantum leap in perception!

We are gifted with the ability to see everything from a fresh perspective. We see our relationships, our mission, the framework of our lives with new eyes and we get to create with wonder and joy once again. Free from the triggers and land mines of the past.

Graduated, we are ready to listen.

Graduated, we are ready to perceive in new ways through our senses.

Graduated, we are ready to get into conversation with ourselves, and get curious about the road forward.

Reborn, we may not be clear about what is to come, but with Gemini we recognize that the uncertainty breeds excitement. The uncertainty breeds fire, and the desire to expand… to do things differently this time. From a place of divine alignment.

We see the world with a freshness, a newness, an energized and bold zest for the gift it is to be alive. Our recent spiritual death more than any other teacher gifted us with the ability to appreciate life…and here we enjoy that seasoned perspective with reverence and gratitude.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury the messenger of the Gods (which goes retrograde on the same day as the Full Moon) asks us to become hyper aware of our process at the mental level.  To become fully aware of our thoughts.

We aim to become aware of the stories we have been telling ourselves about what is possible… or not.

About what is acceptable… or not.

About who it is that we are “supposed” to be… or not be.

Where could these stories use some revision to better reflect the inner soul truths that have emerged during the Scopionic times?

To reflect the resilience gained.

With Mercury in retrograde, this energy is not so much focused on the outer expression of the voice and cognitive prowess, but rather an invitation for an internal mental review.

We practice conscious attention and constructive awareness of our own internal conversation. We use this time well by being MINDFULL of how full our minds have been…with unconscious material…with mental chatter born from past conditioning.

Chatter that is nothing but a reflection of the old self that has gone now, burned into the ashes of yesterday…

Yet, those old mental pathways that have been reinforced for years still exist in the brain. So, Gemini and Mercury retrograde invite us again and again to practice meta-thinking (awareness of our thoughts) Each time we notice outdated thought patterns born of the painful past, we redirect.

Again and again we redirect; creating new neural pathways. Re-writing our stories. Re-writing our lives.

We create an entirely up-leveled way of receiving and processing information in service of the “maturation” of our newly rebirthed selves. Ultimately finding ourselves thinking in new ways, feeling in new ways and driving our brand new vehicle with seamless precision in full alignment…no road map needed.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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New Moon in Scorpio: Emotional Alchemy


On November 18th, 2017 we collectively plunge into the depths of our psyche, and the catharsis available there with the New Moon in Scorpio.

With the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus all cruising through Scorpio we are all in a process of catharsis. The way this looks will vary greatly as it’s an utterly internal process, but the consistent dish du jour – massive transformation.

Here we receive the invitation to get present with our feelings and to look with clear eyes at the subconscious material that has been lurking beneath the surface.

Let us imagine the Scorpion representing our wounded places within. Venomous, terrifying and hiding within the darkness of the night. Within the darkness of the soul. Within the traumas we have repressed.

We can sense the Scorpions presence; we know it is there. Lurking. Poison at the ready. But we can’t quite intuit where it is, or how to vanquish it.

So we step lightly.

We turn a blind eye, pretending it doesn’t exist.

Yet, a part of us still senses the presence of the Scorpionic wound, of the existence of our painful edges.  So, we unconsciously do all we can not to provoke it. Not to do, or say, or be anything that might awaken that scorpion within. That might trigger the wound into a sting.

We become captives of our own making. Captives of our own shadow.

Up until now.

That is, if we work with this energy consciously.

Our previous inability to locate the “venom” within is now coming to a close. Scorpio gives us an access point to the previously unconscious. And, the Universe is conspiring to provide us with just the circumstances needed in order to bring up the shadow for healing.

This could show up in a variety of ways – through relationship dynamics, power games, aggression, money battles, manipulation, deceit (even unconscious), shaming or guilt producing situations, sexual and energetic entanglements… All of these experiences coming forward to show us where our “scorpions” have been lying dormant. Acting as the unconscious captains of our ship.

For Carl Jung’s famous saying could not ring more true… “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  

So aim to stay present, non reactive, and aware of that which is unfolding in your emotional world. With radical self honesty see yourself fully, including your shadow. Feel it all and love yourself through it knowing that any discomfort is just part of the release process, a part of the catharsis.  

So, here we stand with our hidden Scorpions a stirring. Ready to face them, we must feel the poison…we must experience the unresolved material that has been happily hiding out just beyond our conscious awareness.

In order to transmute it.

In order to free ourselves.

In order to integrate the wisdom.

The gift of Scorpio. Masterful alchemy. The great transmuter. The energy that gifts us with the ability to face, hold and process it all in order to transmute the pain into power.

During this Scorpio new moon we participate in this ancient internal alchemical process. True emotional alchemy.

In successfully doing this, we ascend beyond the Scorpion and harness the power of Scorpios higher allies, the Eagle and the Phoenix.

The Eagle, the one who soars above it all, seeing everything with clear vision, unfazed by the turbulence, playing in the spaciousness, wise, laser focused.

The Phoenix. The one who fears nothing. Not even death. For the Phoenix renews herself through the very process of death. Revering death as a cleansing, a purification of all that once was but was never meant to be.

The Phoenix demonstrates the true release of all that no longer serves. Transformation the only constant, she recognizes that death is just the doorway to the next birth, the gateway toward the growth of stronger wings. The gateway toward becoming the embodied container of the vast wisdom and sacredness that can only be born of the resilience formed from knowing, first hand, that the process of burning down into ashes is truly just the beginning. 

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

Cosmic Catalyst: A 10 Month Astrological Self Development Program is now sold out but based on demand I am considering opening a second class. If you are interested in this evolutionary program, please reach out to megan@meganzimring.com